Justice as liberation and revolutionary praxis

“We do not build, we destroy; we do not proclaim a new revelation, we eliminate the old lie. Modern man, that melancholy Pontifex Maximus, only builds a bridge – it will be for the unknown man of the future to pass over it. You may be there to see him… But do not, I beg, remain on this shore… Better to perish with the revolution than to seek refuge in the almhouse of reaction.”

-Alexander Herzen, From the Other Shore, 1855-

In life there are only two certainties: freedom and death. And both are intertwined. Each entails the other. To know and face death is to know and be conscious of one’s freedom and the choices that one has. To be free and have freedom necessarily means that one has self-autonomy and it is this that ensures that the process of meeting death is a meaningful one. The more we know that we are dying and choose to face death, the more we are conscious that we have freedom and choose to be free. By doing so one becomes human.

And still up to now, we are being denied this right of freedom. The State that governs us at present is intent on taking away this freedom. It takes away and perverts our right to make choices. And in doing so it deprives us of our humanity.

Hence most of us are already dead even before we die. Life today is a process of dehumanization. When our right to make choices and to determine who governs us is taken away, our whole humanity and dignity is snatched away.

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