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Jemputan Terbuka Forum Politik UKM

Oleh Amir Farid

Ini adalah jemputan terbuka kepada semua parti politik di Malaysia. Saya selaku timbalan presiden Kelab Sejarah, Politik dan Strategi UKM dengan ini menjemput semua parti politik di Malaysia untuk menghantar wakil masing-masing untuk sesi bertemu mahasiswa-mahasiswa Universiti awam bagi menjawab soalan mengapa mahasiswa-mahasiswa harus mengundi parti mereka. Continue reading


“Let them eat English!” Think about freedom and equality, not choice

I have so far refrained from making any comments or write any articles on the issue of PPSMI. Living up to the proud label of the typical Malaysian as someone who talks passionately and heatedly behind closed doors or in the mamak and keeping silent when in the company of others, many of my discussions have taken place at roadside warongs with close friends and anyone else who is willing to listen to a nobody like me. I decided to write this at last when I came across an article by Wan Saiful Wan Jan – ‘a slightly different take on PPSMI’ – on the Malaysian Insider. Like many other articles written before, it is indeed well-written and well-articulated by a person whom I have great respect for within circles of public discourse and debate. Unfortunately, the compliments stop there. In terms of substance and content, I cannot be convinced and find that certain propositions made are misleading and inadequate. To me this sums up, and is characteristic of precisely those who speak and advocate for the use of English – individuals who speak well and eloquent, but lacking in authentic, creative and critical thought and reflection. Continue reading