Zahrein Zakariah : We Have A Nation To Build!

Zaid Ibrahim, as far as i am concern he has lost the confidence of party members. The real enemy however is not Zaid, but it is UMNO Barisan Nasional, they just cant stand differing political ideologies. All those in KITA who are backing Zaid are UMNO moles doing their dirty. To the clear mind it is absolutely obvious what Zaid is trying to do, and the rakyat can judge for themselves. Zaid is yesterdays news, we need to look forward. He should gracefully step down, with the little respect he still has.

His management was autocratic and he never consults the CWC for any decision making. This was the exact same attitude that caused problems in PKR previously. He cant run KITA like he owns it, because he does not. KITA belongs to the future generation, we are the oppositions of tomorrow and governments  of day after tomorrow.

 I am calling for all Malaysians to vote Barisan Nasional out of the parliament. They have caused enough damage to our nation, and it is about time we kick them out. We cannot afford to loose precious time paying attention to the gutter politics UMNO is fond of, we need to focus on building our nation. Discussing things that really matter to the rakyat. It is time for a new young government and it is time for a new and vibrant oppositions.

I have no trust in any old senile politicians to bring about any changes. It is now up to us the younger generation to clean up their mess. Lets talk talk about significant issues, bread and butter issues, education issues, healthcare and housing issues. These are the sort of things our politicians should be discussing in detail.

There has been much talks about the so called third force. I say forget third force, your giving too much credit to BN, the future is about the new force forcing out the old forces. Lets focus on the rakyats force. Lets unite all the young, let us take what is rightfully ours. I invite MCLM, and PSM  to form a new coalition with us to restore social justice in Malaysia. Unity is the key, come people lets make this happen.

If we work together we can form a viable alternative for the rakyat in the coming general elections.Many criticise KITA for having internal conflict and therefor not being able to stand for the coming general elections. I however beg to differ, KITA is vibrant, KITA is young, KITA is democratic and that is why you see members of KITA voicing dissent fearlessly. We cannot expect Barisan Nasional to do any good. We must start now, to form the strongest opposition Malaysia has ever seen.

Apart from aiming to be the best opposition in Malaysia, KITA is also an issue base party. We want to bring issue based politics into Malaysian culture. Hence i layout the issues that KITA would be looking into as general election manifestos.

1. Universal healthcare in simpler terms free healthcare for all.

2. Universal education free education at all levels for all. Lets get rid of PTPTN loans

3. Harm reduction policy, admitting we have problems in society and reforming our laws to reduce harm instead of punishing.

4. Going Green Policy, we need alternative energy sources, but not nuclear. We need cheaper and greener energy.

6. Education system reforms, we need a better system. Our education system should not be exam based.

We champion issues that matter. However we can only do this with the support of the young people in Malaysia. I need your support to build Malaysia’s best opposition party. Why should you trust KITA because we are all about ensuring your rights and a better future.

For the record, i am a central working comittee member. You may check KITA’s minutes of meeting and you will see my name listed as a central working comittee member. Besides that my friends here can testify of my membership in the central working comittee. Now my question is, even IF i was not a central working comitee member, so what? In a small party like KITA every voice of each member should matter, if you cant listen to your own members what gurantee is there that you would listen to the people? Enough with Zaid we have a nation to build. Thank you.


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