Zahrein Zakariah : Not logic for BN to win the next elections.

Zaid Ibrahim is a one man show. He did not consult the central working committee on the road show for Najib. Many leaders of KITA are enraged with his apple polishing antics. It has come to a crying shame, and he is leading KITA in the wrong direction. I must repeat, KITA is not Zaid Ibrahim and he is not KITA.

KITA is a social justice movement aimed at setting things straight in Malaysia. KITA is fundamentally an opposition, it makes no sense for KITA to support the Prime Minister who has clearly lost the peoples confidence.

Barisan Nasional killed democracy, Nazri Aziz admitted that the ISA was used to detain individuals of different political ideology, how can we expect the very reason why our democracy is rotting to save it? It would be against logic for Najib to win the next elections.

Since he took the premiership there has been nothing but scandals involving the government and his wife. Altantunya, submarines, Perak take over, cow head incident, church burning, banning of the Al-kitab, PKFZ, AAPCO, Selangor water, Menara Warisan, Lynas, and Teo Beng Hock.

The Rakyat on the other hand have witness how Najib, his Ministers and the Police lie confidently to the rakyat. We are also aware of how disgusting the government controlled media is, their news papers play up racial sentiments,  their TV stations airs pornography, and their radio stations thinks it’s cool to have the PM do a stupid prank call.

The police goes on a shooting frenzy, the MACC has two unexplained deaths, crime is abundant, the economy is getting worse, prices of just about everything keeps going up, even the indigenous people are giving the government the middle finger.

He appointed Isa Samad who was found guilty for money politics in UMNO to lead FELDA. He appoints funny people like Ezam as senator, the legal advisor to UMNO is now Chief Justice. While Taib Mahmud has an international scandal, Ng Yen Yen spends RM1.8 million for  Facebook, and his wife has rings to buy. They arrest people allegedly trying to revive communism while he shakes hands with Communist China.

He outlaws Bersih 2.0, detain people who have different political ideas, and talks about making Malaysia the best democracy in the world? And Zaid Ibrahim is expecting him to save democracy? Really, for real… what do they think of this Nation?  The young of this country are not stupid, we feel disrespected, and Barisan Nasional will pay dearly in the coming elections.

Maybe Zaid Ibrahim believes in Najib, but KITA does not believe in Najib. Barisan Nasional is failing big time, and KITA wants nothing to do with it. Zaid Ibrahim can talk for himself, he can polish all the Apples he wants, but KITA will not follow. There is no KITA road show for Najib, Zaid can call it Royal Malaysian Circus for all we care.

I suggest Zaid leaves KITA and return to his roots in UMNO, we no longer need him. I also take this opportunity to call upon all youth leaders from all organizations to step up admit our flaws as a nation and let us work together to set things right. We have a nation build.


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