Amir Farid : PM’s Script Getting Better

Amir Farid, a social science student and political analyst says that the jizz (pun intended)  of Najib’s speech was simplified by the host. The host however didn’t have any teleprompter. He was referring to the statement by the RTM host who said that the repeal of ISA would create a polemic that will stand for years to come.

Farid further observed that Ghani Patail and Hishammuddin Hussein were smiling all the way as if things are going according to plan, while Rais Yatim was busy on the phone looking awfully worried. My cat, my cat is lost maybe trying to figure where he should be just like the graduates.

Farid views the promising speech by the Prime Minister as merely a toy to manage the perception of the people. Today (Malaysia Day) we are celebrating the birth of a federation named Malaysia and everybody gets a fair share of new toy named the repeal of repressive acts.

Farid was rather critical of the PM’s speech, yet however he also thinks that it is a good development, after a whole load of nonsense from the executives since Bersih 2.0. “On this historic day, I would like to say thank you PM for the good show. The scripts are getting better but you should try to relax, breathing half lung can get your voice deepened and people knows you are nervous. Why so serious brother? Its just a show anyway.”

Amir Farid was the Speaker of the House for the National Students Assembly held at the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall earlier this year in January. 


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