Kebebasan, kebodohan dan yang di-tengah

Kerana satu hari nanti kita akan ditanya; semasa bayangan kegelapan melanda dan perubahan pencerahan menentang, di manakah anda?”

UKM 2011 membuktikan; kebodohan tidak boleh bertahan lama. Pernah saorang berkata: ‘you can fool some of the people all the time, you can fool all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”. Selepas bertahan untuk lebih kurang 7 tahun, kebodohan akhirnja runtuh dan terpaksa memberi laluan kepada cahaya pemikiran dan falsafah perubahan.

Falsafah perubahan. Itu sangat jelas. Perubahan juga mempunyai falsafahnya. Satu-satunja hukum yang tetap dan mutlak dalam dunia ini adalah hukum perubahan. Segalanja berubah. Perubahan untuk mencapai sesuatu yang lebih baik, yang lebih tinggi. Oleh itu dalam hal ini, kebebasan adalah penting. Hanya dengan adanya kebebasan, perubahan dapat berlaku. Kurangnya Aspirasi di sini kerana tidak pernah meniup falsafah perubahan di kalangan anggotanya. Continue reading


Racism in Malaysia; Issue that will never be resolved

by: Effuan Aswadi


There is much talk on how racism in Malaysia occurs. A lot of most Malaysian know the tragedy of 13th May where incidents of violent happen between Malay ethnic and Chinese community. it has said that Chinese have been ripping off the wealth of the country and the Malay ethnicity only been working in  the villages doing rural work.

After the 13th May tragedy, Government has set up a new policy which is called N.E.P (New Economy Policy) where to raise Bumiputera equity in the capital Malaysia.  This policy also stress that Malays need to achieve 30% quota in the capital market. Another reason is to actually improve the inter ethnic relations especially between Malay community and Chinese community by letting the malays to hold some portion in the Malaysian capital market but after 30 years, the situation has not been improved and arguable. Although some malays did become rich due to this policy, it did not represents the total masses. Most Malays still feel that they are being neglected and far from being rich. The policy is said it enrich malays that have linked with the government and it is being use to strengthen the power of the politicians that represent the government.
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The End of Mubarak or the End of the American Century?

By: Farish Noor

And so President Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak has fallen, and with that millions, if not billions, of American dollars spent on Egypt – as one of the most important Arab states from the point of view of American geo-strategic calculations – has been lost as well.

And as President Obama continues to lecture the Arab world on democracy and the rule of law, it has been pointed out by others that at present the United States’ army is engaged in six other countries, and continues to deal with governments and states whose own standards of human rights and democracy would not be acceptable in the USA. And yet, despite this, America continues to assume the role of a global teacher and standard-bearer to all. Hubris? Or necessary self-deception while standing on the edge of decline and fall?

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