Malang si Gadis Pertiwi

Dont believe in the illusion of an organ that was conceived of an Imperialist father and a Colonized mother, to bear the plight of a certain segment of the human race. All the Imperialist White man cared about was his lust for gold, and all the Colonized Gadis wanted was just to be acknowledged with dignity and respect. She sold her soul, and compassion over the past 57 years simply trying to be the White woman she is not. She became greedy,rotten, arrogant, and proud for poorly copying the White man. Now her time has come, yet she refuses to let go. One man said, she tried so hard to be as huge and rich like the White man, that she forgot she was a gadis kampung who ate, played and slept with her dearest amois, and thangachies. Now she has become something strange, not really a gadis, a far cry from being an amoi or a thangachie, she became what she really was, An Imperialist… finally she has embraced her true identity. She is now scared, she is desperate, she will do anything¬† to make sure she doesn’t let go… May God put her in peace.


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