The Malaysian Rebellion

Whether or not the Malaysian Authorities would want to admit it, Malaysia is currently facing a rebellion. The every day Malaysians are now rebelling against their government that has been in power for the past 53 years. The number of protest and demonstration by all sects of society is seen as the legacy of living 22 years under the semi-autocratic leadership of Dr Mahathir Muhammad.

The rebellion is strongly coming in from the Islamic Youth movement, which is seen as a religiously motivated tide of discontent. The other rebels seem to be the total opposite of the Islamic inclined struggle. It consist of head shaking, rocking, hopping, intoxicated young independent youths. Whats even more surprising is that this frowned upon teens are actually brilliant, bright students and young professionals.Driven by the ideas of social justice, humanity, and knowledge these group of youngsters albeit passive are tactically sharp and are putting their acquired knowledge in the effort of overthrowing the status quo.

Albeit the unique social development, there are also plenty of young bloods who are not concerned about the future and obey the Government heart and soul. This is the same group of youngster that go to University simple because its necessary to secure a well paying job with a Government Linked Company. The same bunch of teens that think the Government is the legislator, executive and judiciary, prosecution, judge and executor. A group that would rarely understand what the rebels are fighting for.

The rebellion is nothing new as it actually begun back in 1997 when the then Deputy Prime Minister was sacked for alleged corruption, and sex scandals. The spirit of reform was born then, when the Reformasi protest fired up. Dr. Mahathir quickly silenced the voices of dissent by abusing the notorious Internal Security Act. The people gave Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a chance to lead with hopes of reform and transformation. Abdullah did open up some space for democracy and voices of dissent, which later reignited the dying flames of Reformasi.

The Government has been immensely paranoid about youths who have begun thinking critically. The Government has begun demonizing them by labellings them as nuisance and law breakers. However what they seem to overlook is that this rebellion is coming from educated students, who are concerned about their future. Like it or not, THESE ARE the leaders of tomorrow, and it is only a matter of time till they organise themselves better.

The Government has been trying all means in their effort to kill these voices of dissent. It is sad, yet the battle is only getting more violent. The mass rally of Bersih is just one of the many civil action on the Government. It is suspected that more of such efforts are in the pipeline. It is astonishing as to how the police put so much time and effort to supress these youths. Some of the youth movement leaders have Special Branch police officers following them very frequently.

The latest arrest of 9 university students, has depicted how the Government is giving preferential treatment to some propaganda which is organized by them such as the “Allah” or even the cow head demonstration held a few weeks back, where nobody was detained. However the peaceful demonstration by the university students saw immediate action from the police.

Malaysians are taking charge of their future and stepping up for what they deserve. One can only dream how changes are going take place, but after half a century of being in power it is doubted that the status quo would back off gracefully. However it is predicted that the harder the suppress the harder the rebels. The best part out of all of this, is that the rebels look like they are here to stay, giving civil society movements a better bite at things.

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  1. For nearly 10 years, I tried to identify and adopt a democratic system in the liver, but significantly it can not change the hearts of black and white, or at least be gentle. But, what I have found it to teach the heart and the body of flesh is a man with a noble about behavior. And even taught a wild and ill-mannered to the mother and father, dispel the feeling of respect between students and teachers, between husband and wife.

    So the system has failed to consolidate democracy seen people who frequent cause misunderstanding between fellow. Democratic system is estimated to be buried within a period not more than ten years from now. Why? This is the system that has caused divisions between those who were there in the world, just like what happened in Thailand and that will happen some time again in our beloved Malaysia.

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