Political Idiots and Chimpanzees

Should the skies not cry,

And the heavens not fall,

For we are cursed and condemned,

With the presence of human beings,

Of highest virtue and talent,

Gifted with empty heads,

Skilled in nonsense,

And blessed with monstrous stupidity,


Human beings they should be,

But full of shit they are,

They come in many names,

The famous among which is deputy prime minister,

And defence minister,


One should cry,

And the earth would shake,

For the former is also the education minister,

Only disaster can tell us, what should be of our students,

Our national treasures,

And the latter, tasked with defending our country,

Would perhaps be more suitable,

With playing warcraft and starcraft, or Left4Dead,

Then to be in charge of national defence and security,


One ponders, for how can one deny and defend,

The racist propaganda,

That the BTN perpetuates,

The world has never seen,

Of such absurdity, such arrogance,

Such audacity,


That is not all, there is another,

Who speaks of democracy, and of freedom,

Representing what is known as the Selangor GPMS,

Good and useful citizen he says he is,

Owing to the courses of BTN,

How idiotic can one be,


For there is no democracy, no freedom,

Only the oppression and rule,

Of the rich and powerful, of BN and UMNO,

Good and useful citizen he says he has become?

More likely a big potato, and one of the highest quality


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