Lily Allen – Fck You, Fck You vry vry Mch.

Hello people!!! Its the holidays season i presume, most of you guys back in your home town? Well happy holidays. Today i am bringing about a review on a quite interesting artist, Lily Rose Beatrice Allen a.k.a Lily Allen (born 2 May 1985) this British lass who churns out shockingly frank songs. Also interesting is that she is a self built artist, Allen created an account on MySpace and began posting demos in November 2005, from there onwards she became hot stuff! Allen’s songs have been downloaded from her MySpace page 19 million times. As of 9 February 2009, Allen had 448,000 MySpace friends. She was the fifth most popular musical act of 2008, according to the social networking site.

Her genre of music ranges from Pop, Pop Rock, Ska, Electropop and Grime… Now if you guys notice her lyrics, and song titles are somewhat direct and frank. Try looking up her songs like Smile, Fuck You, and London (LDN), youd would notice that her songs are simply about the truth and how she feels about things. Its no mainstream love songs, its really meaningful because its her point of view put in melody. Its simple straight forward opinion and feeling put in lyrics.

My personal favourite is Its Not Fair, a song about how she feels about her boyfriends lack of stamina effects her satisfaction in life… …. well you should listen to it to get the picture yourself. Even i cant bring myself to be as straightforward as she is. Her song is blatantly honest and its not something you would be singging out loud in the street, however it is art at its best with honesty being the essence.

Now now now… you guys must be wondering, why is The Desperado covering a British Pop,  artist?… Well there is more to Lily Ellen then just straight foward music, infact there is a number of Top Hats who had strong substance in their work, which i’ll cover some other time. Now more interesting bit on Ellen, believe it of not she is a hardcore supporter of the Labour Party! Haha… im sure some Diskopians would be glad to hear that!. She also supported equality for gays in an interview with the Gay Times, and became the first female on the cover of that publication in 12 years.

Wait… there is more… Allen also inspired a parliamentary rebellion against Prime Minister Gordon Brown when she wrote to all members of Parliament asking them to back an amendment to an energy bill. Hahaa… this is a woman i take my hats off for. . On 1 October 2009 Allen and several other musicians released the world’s first digital musical petition aimed at pressuring world leaders attending the December 2009 climate change summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. The petition involved a cover of the song “Beds are Burning” by Midnight Oil. Apparently Ellen is not as selfish as many other women out there, you see women become much better people when they play their selfishness down. Thats all folks!


3 Responses

  1. Allen also inspired a parliamentary rebellion against Prime Minister Gordon Brown??? impressive.

  2. i like her 🙂 her songs are catchy and frank and her style is awesome! thanks for the added info, it just makes me become a bigger fan of hers. cheers!

  3. i had read an article about her against prime minister Gordon Brown. so do his father Keith Allen, btw i really love her song though.

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