Tukar who?

I was chatting with a friend quite recently and i mentioned that i know a very interesting person, who has been in exile, made movies, helped Iranians to topple the Shah, faced the Mumbai police , survived the Lebanon civil war in Beirut, ate chapaties with the Pakistani’s in Karachi and Durians with the Pakcik inĀ  Jelebu and orchestrated the coolest rebellion against the United Mad Nookie Ordinance!!! My friend said freaking cool, whos tha man? I said Hishamuddin Rais… and he was like Hisham who? i said Tukar Tiub… he was like Tukar who? Then i told myself allright, its time Diskopi churns out a piece on that old chap. Continue reading


Lily Allen – Fck You, Fck You vry vry Mch.

Hello people!!! Its the holidays season i presume, most of you guys back in your home town? Well happy holidays. Today i am bringing about a review on a quite interesting artist, Lily Rose Beatrice Allen a.k.a Lily Allen (born 2 May 1985) this British lass who churns out shockingly frank songs. Also interesting is that she is a self built artist, Allen created an account on MySpace and began posting demos in November 2005, from there onwards she became hot stuff! Allen’s songs have been downloaded from her MySpace page 19 million times. As of 9 February 2009, Allen had 448,000 MySpace friends. She was the fifth most popular musical act of 2008, according to the social networking site. Continue reading