Alone in History

I have been running all my life,

Running from dreams,

Avoiding hopes,

Escaping from the future,

Hiding from the present

Lost in history,

And I have been living in fear all my life,

Fear from love,

Be it love to God, King or Country,

Fear from loneliness,

Fear of hopelessness,

Loneliness and hopelessness of being alone,

Without anyone, without community,

Without God, King or Country,

Even family,

For everywhere I am,

I am but alone, I am the minority,

At the prosperous and diverse lands of the Golden Chersonese,

There I am left out,

As they fight over land, power and faith,

In my community, again I am left out,

As a stranger who speak neither their language,

Nor share their beliefs, as well as dogmatic traditions,

Or indulge in their lust for dominance and superiority,

Their thirst for power,

Their sense of schizophrenic insecurity,

As I travel afar,

In my urge to seek knowledge, and virtue,

I am again left in the dark,

Same like everyone, but neither belonging to anyone,

In the land of Temasik,

All are the same,

And yet I am different,

All alone, separated from the rest of the people,

As I return,

Comical tragedies,

And ludicrous leaders,

Still wait,

While they brandish their weapons,

And vomit shameless and empty rhetoric,

With Aryan like sentiments,

In the name of the people,

In the name of God, King and Country,

The nation burns,

The people suffer,

The dead are insulted,

The living tortured,

And the unborn cursed,

What is our history?

We have no history,

What is our future?

In the graves I am told,

What is the present?

We can only idly witnessed,

As has been said, and will be said again,

The coming of the last man


3 Responses

  1. I think I understand the frustration you felt.
    But, that’s it.
    You could not change everything, but you can do little things which eventually could bring changes to the ‘thing’ you wanted to change, ait?
    If you feel the world we live in is hopeless, if you feel the generation we live in is beyond redemption,
    let us create our own utopia,
    let us bring out the ‘new generation’
    let’s educate this ‘new generation’ so that this ‘new generation’ could be come the kind that we aspire our generation should be.

    We could not do much,
    but with little things that we do, it would mean so much!

  2. you have 3 options:

    1. commit suicide since whatever it is all are hopeless

    2. just embraces mainstream, pick a carrear, climb the carrear ladder, make money, build a big banglo house, own 3-4 bmws and mercs, fuck a lot of men or women or get married, make babies, have a family and be like the rest of the people here

    3. continue to fight and resist and stay true to your ideals

    opss….sorry got no. 4.

    4. watch south park – it will take all your despair and frustration away! hahaha

  3. hahaha….those who CANT DO, EDUCATE OTHERS!

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