Love, Student Activism and Technology

APTOPIX Indonesia Israel Protest

“The more we use technology, the more we rely on technology, the more we lose ourselves”

“While falling in love involves the gazing of one into another’s eyes and the show of affection through the holding of one’s hand together with kisses and hugs, the advent of the internet led by the popularity of FaceBook has all but diminish any probability of romanticism, passion and lust, bringing forth only what is known as long distance electronic masturbation and mechanical sexual intercourse.” Continue reading


The Darkness in Me

The Darkness in Me by Radical Dreamer

My veins feel the rush, that crushes my temple into dust.
A sinister storm brews in me…
Silence fills the air, while darkness embraces the subconscious.
That familiar smile draws upon the facade.

An ecstasy of immense confidence flows through the veins.
The fallen has arise, fast steady and renewing heights.
The silence breaks, with riddlelistic rhetoric’s.
The humanistic flair of the living spirits.

The orchestra plays low, inviting the beats one at a time.
The ocean of self conscience waves await the tide.
The time is right, the birth of the new divide.
Scorching the blue fires of heaven, birth in destruction.

I see the darkness, in me becoming me.
This rhythm is fascinating, in a recleansing sense.
The beautiful math’s of truth and mantic of time.
The reality of life and the absence of light.

This is the other side, this is me.
This is my truth, this is my awakening.
Every step ahead is the chapter of the great future.
Light is no longer necessary, for there is only one truth.