Technology: simplifying? or destroying?

IRobot_posterCan u imagine – Having robots do all your chores; mail, laundry cooking. Having a ‘Sims’ handles all our young generations education; virtual teachers in virtual classrooms with a set of outlined syllabus. Having global network of computers that automatically search through millions of intercepted messages for pre-programmed keywords or fax and email addresses just for a tracing task.

surrogates-posterThen one day – the robots retaliate; when they realize robots also have rights to lead their life without having human to exploit and manipulate them. the ‘Sims’ having their own conscious; manipulating the young educations by simply input that ‘Sims’ is also living organism. The global network of computers have their access to continue monitoring our life, and it could be our private life.

Try to relate these with recent hollywood movies.

i,robot – Robots are manufactured worldwide; being the police, maid, postmen and etc. because of its efficiencies in completing tasks.

The island – Cloning technology are being commercialized. The clones are life insurance where their organs can be use for organ transplant; specifically between the genuine human individual and his/her clone.

Surrogates – a world which 99%  of human live their lives through robotic avatars who brave the physical world while the operators (human) sit safely at home in computerized cocoons, experiencing and living it all via neural sensors affixed to their heads.

All 3 movies above have common element: commercialized technology. All for the sake of simplifying human lives. Catastrophe arose when a robot start to kill human (i,robot), A clone discover that they are being sacrificed; one by one (the island), a case of killing human operator through surrogate occur (Surrogates).

Now ask yourself – Can technology continue to simplify our life? or it will consume us one day?


2 Responses

  1. with technology, its never a simple answer of either or, or neither nor. the effects of technology is two prongs. it have a parallel effect of both simplifying our life as well as consuming us. in fact the word “consuming” is rather soft given the real possibility that technology can destroy our intellectual creativity as human being while simplifying our creative thinking process. our simplified thought system influenced by technology, ensure us that our thinking faculty is not optimised.

    rather than read the prime sources of the works of the original authors, students of current generation just read a secondary or probably the sixth or seventh sources who interprets the original works of the original writers in wikipedia in which most of its informations and datas are being simplified and its accuracy cannot be fully verified.

    this process of simplifying knowledge (through technology) simplify our intellectual effort and thus make the endeavour to optimise our creative thinking faculty a rather challenging task for us who are so used to being feed by technology.

    therefore simplifying life through technology go hand in hand with the death of human intellectual creativity, eventually !

  2. yer la….kalo sumernyer nak harapkan teknologi, macam mana otak nak berkembang. 27+98 pon nak guna kalkulater, tak mustahil otak lama-lama jadi tumpul. itu blom ckp psal formula-formula kompleks lagi tu. kalo sumer nak bergantung pada teknologi, otak manusia makin lama akan makin jadi pemalas!

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