Dikawal kebebasan

“Man is just a recent invention; and perhaps one that is nearing its end”

Pelajar selalu diberitahu mereka bebas. Individu yang bebas untuk belajar, bebas cari pasangan, bebas pergi universiti, bebas untuk pergi ‘shopping’, bebas untuk makan, bebas untuk kerja dan macam-macam. The central theme is; pelajar bebas untuk memilih segala jenis tindakannya. Continue reading


Indonesia’s ‘Patriotic Ninjas’ are a Joke on the Indonesian People themselves

By Farish A. Noor

If you believe what you read in the news, then you will know by now that Malaysia is about to be invaded by an army of Indonesian Ninjas and Samurais. The news that a home-made pseudo-militia unit comprising of a group of self-proclaimed Indonesian ‘patriots’ are gathering names of volunteers to unilaterally invade Malaysia armed with samurai swords and ninja-throwing stars is alarming to say the least; not merely for the brazenness of the threat but more so for its lunacy and irrationality. If anyone has been insulted by this claim, it is the people of Indonesia themselves, who have been made to look foolish by a bunch of thuggish preman gangsters who have sullied the name of Indonesia. And as a Malaysian of Javanese descent, I am likewise offended that a group of hoodlums can besmirch the name of the country which I regard as my second home. reog-ponorogo

In the midst of this din and anger, we need to ask what the governments of both countries are doing and why there has been little evident effort on their part to inject a degree of reason and rational debate into what has been going on. Already we have read of reports of demonstrations in Jakarta and several other cities in Indonesia; as well as stories of vigilante groups ‘sweeping’ parts of Jakarta in search of Malaysians to be kicked out of the country. Coming at a time when Indonesia is once again attracting global attention for all the right reasons, news such as this can be of little help in the effort to place Indonesia in a positive light. Continue reading