Nation of waste and rubbish

Liberalise the economy?

 The people are not ready.

 Do away with the 30 percent quota?

 The people are not ready too.

 Teach mathematics and science in English?

 The people are not ready also.


 Our country, or our government, doesn’t seem to be able to do anything, can they? It’s not that simple, I know. But does it not ever make you wonder why we can’t do anything, and that we can’t do anything right?

 The issue is not whether we should liberalise the economy. It’s not whether we should do away with the 30 quota. It not whether we should or should not teach mathematics and science in English.

 The real question is, not whether we should or should not, the question is why are we not capable to do so if we want to?

 Is it because there is a lack of political will or is it because our government (Barisan Nasional) has failed miserable in governing our nation?

 The first two questions may primarily be related to the former but nevertheless has parts of the latter, while the third question may primarily be related to the latter but also has parts of the former.

 While everyone is contesting furiously on whether we should do this or we should do that, there is a deafening silence on the part of the Barisan Nasional as to why we are not able to do what we want to do, irrespective of whether we should or should not do it. Why?

 In a fluid and complex world, why are we not able to be flexible in our policies and ideas? Why is our society not able to respond quickly to the rapid challenges and demands of modernity, post modernity and plurality?

 Loads of rubbish has been piling up the past 50 years.

 While others think about what they want to achieve in the next 20 years, here we are thinking of what we wanted to achieve in the last 30 years.

And all the talk about using nuclear energy, they have seriously got to be joking.

 By the way, while all hue and cry has been going around about the PPSMI, has anyone ever ask those students what do they want, for themselves, instead of a bunch of old senile men deciding their future for them?


13 Responses

  1. The old senile men referred to are running this country; turning it into a nation of waste and rubbish. Unless you throw out the garbage frequently, it accumulates and stinks to high heaven as it putrefies; inviting disease causing germs and ultimately destroying the nation’s health. Remember who to vote out next rubbish day GE13.

  2. go to blog and vote no to teach in bahasa malaysia. show to to BN goons that this last Mahathir corrections in his administration in right.

  3. Why indulged in straitjacket thinking when you could also have english medium national school so all have a choice whether parents want their children to have their education in BM or mother tongue?

    As it is, the decision makes life difficult for the children. Sadly the flipflopping mentality of BN government continues. They must be ousted in the next GE. They sacrifice the future of our children for political expediency.

  4. Well said and straight to the point !

    How right when you say Malaysia is run by senile old men,
    not only in the form of AAB but indeed all the rest !

    I might add tho that they are actually senile corrupted men
    who thoz we were not looking.

    They shud be quickly put in jail then punished accordingly, as otherwise your beautiful posting here will also go the the rubbish heap and become like the rest of the rubbish

  5. its true that old and senile men controlling this country is part of the problem. Another part of the problem is that those same old and senile men repress young men at every chance possible so that they are incapable/ afraid of asserting themselves

    But the real problem is Islam… islam is a backward looking religion which believes that every answer is to be found in the pages of the Koran. if its not found there then the problem doesn’t exist. Islam represses its followers ability to think and to plan to the future so its no wonder they are backward looking

    And Islam is selfish religion, its followers only think of themselves and their religion. As far as their fellow men are concerned they can go to hell. And that’s the way Malaysia has been governed.. corruption and concrete rather than social values and welfare. Malaysians for 50 yrs have been neglected and abused in the name of religion

    • Surprisingly, you are thinking and talking no differently from those crooked Muslims. You hate them so much, you ended up becoming just like you own enemies

  6. I had the opportunity to speak a group of students individually when i bump into them all over the country.

    What they have pointed out is the incompetent teachers that are teaching them whether it is in English or Bahasa. In Bahasa they managed but when the decision was made to teach in English, it was the incompetent teachers who made it diffiucult for them. It was not the langauge but the administrators who chose the wrong teachers.

  7. Kampong boy says.. BM for us, hell to the rest of the world. PAS says GREAT! PKR says I go along. Kit Siang says why not.. chinese here to stay. BN says why not follow or else next election.. gone case. Town boy says.. what to do… Might as well.. migrate to Iran!!!!!! So much confusion… what the hell are we thinking about….!!!!!!!!! Better bet on your own future now!!!

  8. instead of a bunch of old senile men deciding their future for them?

    I perceive these old senile men as the RUBBISH professors in our local universities who, despite their unfavourable reports about PPSMI, have never made their research findings into the international journal. Why? It’s because the methodology used was questionable. Their dubious research findings were used by the naive top management in our country to help them make the 8 July Decision.

    Please note that the RUBBISH professors and associate professors in our country do not publish much and yet they did not perish; instead they flourish.

    LOW CLASS & RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Blame the stench from this garbage on ourselves for choosing this bunch of retards to govern and run the country. Why am I not surprise!

  10. Don’t blame other but ourself. The MALAYSIAN Chinese and Indians are STUPID. CHINA is frentically
    trying to teach Their Citizens proper English and doing away with pigdin language and pinyin in Chinese Names. But here we are the 2nd Class – MCA (Malaysian Corrupted Association) are trying their best to reign back the progress of the Chinese by practising Racial Politics by making the people think MCA is doing them a Big favour insisting No English and learning Chionese. Learn both – what is
    MIC (Malaysian Idiot Company) is doing the same –
    IF U Learn only TAMIL where are U going – to TAP Rubber. There are no Rubber tress in the CORPRATE
    Buildings. No ENGLISH U m a t i.
    Don’ t be STUPID, if possible learn all the Languages in the world – not just your Mother tongue. Are U only
    going to do business with your KAMPUNG ONLY. Most well to do people in INDIA speak English. Where will I yo yo sami be if he spoke only Tamil.
    Be progressive, Look Forward not Backward. Then Malaysia really Boleh.
    yang ikhlas!!!

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