Mat Rempit dan Minyak Petrol

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Saya merayakan Mat Rempit. Ini sebagai tanda saya merayakan anak-anak muda. Mat Rempit adalah anak muda negara kita. Mat Rempit adalah warga negara bangsa. Mat Rempit ini lahir dari pembudayaan yang kita bentuk sendiri. Pembudayaan ini lahir dari sistem ekonomi kapitalis. Dalam rangkaian ekonomi kapitalis Mat Rempit adalah tangga terakhir. Mat Rempit adalah pembeli, pengguna dan pemakai motosikal yang diwujudkan dalam sistem kapitalis.

Mengutuk dan memperlekeh mereka – sekali pandang kelihatan cukup senang – tetapi dalam sistem ekonomi kapitalis Mat Rempit ini penting. Tanpa Mat Rempit motosikal akan bertimbun-timbun di gudang. Syarikat pemasang motorsikal, syarikat mengimpot motosikal dan penjual motosikal akan muflis. Ini hakikat ekonomi kapitalis.

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Hak, Legitimasi dan Pemberontakan Rakyat

“I should have a right to destroy that which threatens me with destruction: for, by the fundamental law of nature, man being to be preserved as much as possible, when all cannot be preserved, the safety of the innocent is to be preferred…”

Hari ini kita berkabung untuk kematian demokrasi di Perak. Sememangnya sebelum ini demokrasi telahpun lama mati namun kejadian yang berlaku di Perak pada hari ini jelas menunjukkan apa-apa harapan untuk demokrasi dinyawakan kembali dikuburkan selama-lamanya. One Malaysia jelas hanya merupakan illusi semata-mata dan selagi parti Barisan Nasional memerintah, tidak akan hidup demokrasi dan keadilan. Continue reading

Have a Meaningful Wesak.

wesak-day1“Do something for others.” Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda ( 1918-2006)


What Malaysians Want :A Social Contract – From Anas Zubedy

I) That we see wrong as wrong and right as right, no matter who did it.

II) No individual or community is left behind regardless of race or geography.

III) We work towards zero poverty – it’s superfluous to have skyscrapers and state of the art structures when there are Malaysians who do not have a place to call home.

IV) The Malay and indigenous customs form the core culture while the Chinese, Indian and other cultures play strong supportive roles to make our nation a unique and exciting brand.

V) All Malaysian children receive a first rate education, every child is supported and encouraged to achieve his or her maximum potential.

VI) We practice sustainable development without corruption.

VII) We learn and appreciate our own religion and have an understanding of the religions practiced by our fellow Malaysians.

VIII) We help each other in business and transfer knowledge and skills from one community to another.

IX) We treat non-Malaysians serving in our nation, Bangladeshis or Europeans; with equality, respect and dignity.

X) We do not introduce racism and division to our children at school or at home.

XI) We provide adequate health care for all.

XII) We look at our constitution as a whole and not pick and choose out of context to suit an argument.

XIII) Do unto your Malaysian brothers and sisters as you would like them do unto you.

XIV) We are Many Colors, but One Race, Bangsa Malaysia.