Infant Politics

The future is of course inevitable. But when you think about the future, more so in Malaysia, you are bound to get hysterical. By understanding the way politics is practiced here you’ll sense a feeling of hopelessness and nausea. It is politics that will give us an idea where our country is heading and at what pace. When politics and political parties are constructed like toilet bowls then of course the only thing you’ll find in there is shit. Big, black, maybe brown, ugly, smelly shit.

All attention at the moment seems to be on the UMNO general assembly. How ironic that the most primitive and least intelligent entity in Malaysia decides the future of Malaysia and so everyone must attend to the drama and opera of this primitive and unintelligent entity. But then again that sums up the very condition of this sad and condemned nation. The entity leading the nation must be one of sophistication and world-shattering.

This entity we have here, has about say 3 divided divisions or wings? One monkey to lead the other monkeys, one chimpanzee to lead the other chimpanzees, one baboon to lead all the other baboons, and last of all one big gorilla to lead the groups of monkeys, chimpanzees and baboons. That’s why we live here in a zoo. This is bound to happen when you have a gorilla leading the other monkeys, chimpanzees and baboons in governing the nation.

We have got to accept this. If we want to put this country on the global map, there must be change. And first and foremost the entity must change, mentally and physically. Organisations no longer segregate and divide. There is one platform and only one. All are equals and each and everyone should be given the choice to choose and be chosen. If we do not mature and have the courage to embrace change, forever will we be blown away.

*most, if not all political parties have separate wings within the party. The main ones are wanita and youth. Others include puteri and putera.


2 Responses

  1. UMNO is totally shit!
    UMNO General Assembly is modern day Nazi
    Nuremberg Rally!

    I don’t want Najis to become my PM! We don’t want taxpayers’ money wasted on C4!
    What the hell!

    They started to called the shit ‘PM’, not yet! He’s just party president! What the hell a party president automatically become head of government? It can only happen in a totalitarian state!

    Come on, whether you’re from Diskopi or kedai kopi or Starbuck Coffee, together we say no to Najis!
    Follow this link:

    But if we think positively, it’s actually a good news!
    Those monkeys are so proud of the ‘RAHMAN’ legend, represent Rahman, Abdul Razak, Hussein, Mahathir, Abdullah respectively. Now it’s enter ‘N’ for Najis, the last phrase.

    That means no more UMNO PM after Najis!
    Hurray!!! Down with United Moron Nazi Organisation!
    New dawn is awaiting Malaysia!

  2. hahahaha. another “safe” (or rather cowardly) way of showing dissent. dude, let be honest ere. in no way dude, not in any way najib wil be booted out just by a bunch of online petition.

    like any other third world country with third world political culture, never ever in third world history, leader of a state is booted out thru online petition. hahaha. and empirically as well, no third world dictator ever being booted out through election either!

    so, online petition is just a smokescreen or rather an excuse to pacify ur conscience dude, as if u had done something. which in fact is true. yes, u actually have done sumthing but it just aint gonna work dude.

    even with a whole population of malaysia, 27 million of them sign the petition, wont budge even a milimeter of najib ass from the seat of power! and thats the truth!

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