Academic Stooges and Administrative Morons

I was on the way back for lunch the other day when to my amazement, or rather horror, I saw a huge and I mean really huge banner in front of one of our university’s gate. It read: Kejohanan Badminton Piala Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor. On the banner was this very gigantic picture of her. It’s so big that you could even see it from the moon!

Then of course at the main gate of our university there is this LCD screen. Normally when there’s an upcoming event in campus it’ll be advertised on the screen. It changes its slides about every 10 or 15 seconds or so. This time however the slide did not change. The slide read: Selamat Datang ke UKM Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor. Also in the slide was the very huge picture of her.

One wonders, is this merely a coincidence or is there a hidden agenda behind all this? Everyone knows who she is. And of course everyone also knows who or what she will be come March 2009.

For a long time it has been asserted that universities are institutions used by the government to extend their political and ideological hegemony. Time and again this has been denied by the powers that be and the ministry. For those who disbelieve, or ignorant, or even in self denial, this should lend credence to this often talked about but swept under the carpet truth.

A competition named after her? What has she got to do with badminton? And her picture is so big that you need glasses to look, not because you need them to enlarge her size, but because you need them to decrease her size. Even the pictures of our Vice Chancellor, or deputy vice chancellors, or Chancellor are not so huge. Who is she to our university? What is her relation to our university? What has she done for our university? Her picture is even bigger than the university logo!

UKM and Rosmah and Badminton?The only conclusion one can make is that someone somewhere in our university, or in the ministry, or both, is a real ass kisser. Someone or some people in the administration who are morons. Administrative morons. If there are any who deserve the recognition that she gets, it ought to be those dedicated, committed and passionate lecturers of UKM who gave their all and their life for the pursuit of knowledge. The rest are just stooges.

And the best of all, the blatant manner in which all this is carried out. Shameless, disgraceful and absolutely no dignity. Academic stooges and administrative morons. And by the way, please don’t mention anything about ‘budi bahasa’. The way I talk or what I write is nothing compared to the crap they have made of our university.


5 Responses

  1. hahahhahahah…welcome BIG MAMA….

  2. This belong stupid asshole dude.. hahahaha..

    This rosmah ass more bigger than our rakyat ass, misused money and corrupt person she is..

    Stupified those nonsense dumb Univer. Admin,,

  3. actually, gigantic tits of hers…turn me off…haha…whut a bitch la big mama nie….

  4. Kelakar la korg siswa UKM. Haha. Support2.

  5. very funny la…

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