Hurrah to those who made the extra effort when it mattered, and Shame to those who live in alienation, non-existence and nothingness

We will come across many times in life where we question ourselves on the very reason for our presence in this world. What am I? What is to become of me? What do I do? These are questions that each and every individual, at a certain time of their life, will ask.

The basis for existence is this, “I think therefore I am.”

The next step is of course to take action for, “Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways, the point is, however, to change it.”

Of course contrary to what many people may think, life is not orderly, and can never be orderly. Things have happened, will wait to happen, and of course continue to happen. Life is absurd. It does not need to have meaning. It will never have meaning. For those of us who believe otherwise, it is not impossible. It can have meaning if you give meaning to it. What matters most is that you’re here. Existence precedes essence. So what do you do? Whatever you want. Anything you want. As long as you know that you exist, and that because of this your life is meaningful. And you give meaning to it. For those who know meaning, who endeavoured for meaning, and made the push when it mattered most, you exist.

Pity to those who live a life of freedom but who chose not to exist. You have no use, no existence and live a life of nothingness, an irrelevant life. The only reason you’re here is that because you’re condemned to live in this world full of absurdity and madness. Pity because you’re free, able to give meaning, but because you choose not to, you scorn upon this world for its absurdity, madness and hostility. Do you not know that it is only of your own doing? Shame on you.

“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.”

3 Responses

  1. nice….totally…..though d end, at da mean side, bout choose to not exist, is quite general….n it definitely wud b mean if at all it shud b directed to member of the society without knowing their circumstances….

  2. Already, the future is converging with the past.
    Already the world is converging.
    The diverse ways of the world
    Will create wonderful new forms,
    Lovely cultural explosions
    In the centuries to come.
    Already I sense future forms of art,
    Of painting, sculpture, humour,
    Already I sense future novels,
    Plays, poems, dances.
    Already I sense the great orchestras
    Of humanity, a world symphony,
    A world jam, in which the diverse
    Genius of the human race –
    It’s rich tapestry of differences –
    Will combine, weave, heighten,
    Harmonise all its varied ways
    And bring about a universal flowering
    In all the vast numbers of disciplines
    And among the unnumbered people.
    Already I can hear this distant music
    Of the future,
    The magic poetry of time,
    The distillation of all our different gifts.
    Will you be at the harvest,
    Among the gatherers of new fruits?
    Then you must begin today to remake
    Your mental and spiritual world,
    And join the warriors and celebrants
    Of freedom, realisers of great dreams.
    You can’t remake the world
    Without remaking yourself
    Each new era begins within.
    It is an inward event,
    With unsuspected possibilities
    For inner liberation.
    We could use it to turn on
    Our inward lights.
    We could use it to use even the dark
    And negative things positively.
    We could use the new era
    To clean our eyes,
    To see the world differently,
    To see ourselves more clearly.
    Only free people can make a free world.
    Infect the world with your light.
    Help fulfill the golden prophecies
    Press forward the human genius.
    Our future is greater than our past.
    We are better than that.
    We are greater than our despair.
    The negative aspects of humanity
    Are not the most real and authentic;
    The most authentic thing about us
    Is our capacity to create, to overcome,
    To endure, to transform, to love,
    And to be greater than our suffering.
    We are best defined by the mystery
    That we are still here, and can still rise
    Upwards, still create better civilisations,
    That we can face our raw realities,
    And that we will survive
    The greater despair
    That the greater future might bring.

    From “Mental Fight – an anti-spell for the 21st century” Ben-Okri

  3. ‘Pity to those who live a life of freedom but who chose not to exist’
    The problem is not that they choose not to exists. The problem is merely existing without living life.

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