l33t TEh l4N9u49E oF 9enEr4t1On 2

l337 Ch1cK

l337 Ch1cK

L33t The Language of Generation Z. Hello everybody, hope you enjoyed the piece on Embracing Generation Z. Today, i plan to further explore that generation. Netspeak or better known as L33t is a cultural phenomenon of Gen Z. It is a language which has evolved from English, it is the language of internet generation. I would like to call it the accidental language, as it developed because of the need of fast texting for various purposes. Some just started using l33t out of sheer creativity, some did it to maximise credit value on teir cellphones, some were just lazy, and some just didnt know how to spell. It is now a global cultural phenomenon which has gained global recognition when Merriam-Webster named “w00t” 2007 word of the year.Trust me, i am sure all of you reading this have used l33t in one way or another, be it e-mail, instant meassanging, or even SMS. I am sure you have used these “words” like “CU” for “see you”, “BRB” for “be right back”, “TTYL” for “talk to you later”, “LOL” for “laughing out loud”, “ROFL” for “rolling on floor laughing”, “gtg” for “got to go”, “wtf” for..well..you get the idea. The term “L33t” stands for elite, it was a language developed by hackers who used l33t vocabulary to communicate secretively and to bypass censors in forums and chat rooms.

However l33t has been around since Generation X, remember the time when pagers were popular? Many were allready doing number spelling for years. Infact l33t first came about when calculators were invented, as some bored young fella spelled “HELLO” (07734 upside down).l33t however developed a lot after the birth of the cyber age.l33t has also developed into a computer programming language. l33t has become a defining aspect of a generation brought up on the Internet (Gen Z). Some consider emoticons ;), like smiley faces, but others (just like those national language for Science and Maths proponents)maintain that l33t should only consist of symbolic word encryption.

Old people, most often tend to dismiss the credibility of l33t as a proper language, and condemnd it as a corruption of modern language. However dont be mislead by such static opinions, believe it or not l33t has its own grammar, vocabulary, and system of rhyming and rhythm. David Crystal, a language historian at the University of Wales said, “Rather than condemning it, we should be exulting in the fact that the Internet is allowing us to once more explore the power of the written language in a creative way”, explaining that the Internet “is fostering new kinds of creativity through language. It’s the beginning of a new stage in the evolution of the written language and a new motivation for child and adult literacy.”

Here are some example of l33t language and its translation, infact i had translated this whole article into l33t!. Embrace Generation Z!

English: “Kids will form their own civilization in leet speak.”

Leet: “k1D2 W1Ll ph0R|\/| 7H31R 0w|\| C1\/1l124710|\| 1|\|  L337 5p34K”

Advanced leet: “|<1|)2 \|/1|_|_ |>|-|0R|\/| T|-|31r 0\|/|\| (1\/1l124T10|\| 1|\|  l33T 5|>33|<”


L33t 7eh L4Ngu4Ge OF GeNER471on 2. HELLo eVerybODY, hope Joo enjoyed 7eh P1eCE on eMBr4C1n’ geNEr471On 2. 7Od4y, 1 PL4N 7o PHUr7heR ExPLore 7h@ geNEr471oN. Ne75peEk OR bE77ER KNOwn 42 L337 12 4 KUL7Ur4l PhEnOMEnoN OF GEN 2. 17 12 4 L4Ngu4GE Wh1cH h42 eVoLvED phroM ENGL15H, 17 12 7EH l4nGu4Ge OF b1g l4N gENER471On. 1 WOUld l1KE 7O K4ll 17 7EH 4CC1DEn74l L4NGU4ge, 42 17 dEVElopED kU2 Of 7Eh NEeD of Ph457 7EX71n’ PHor V4R1OU2 pUrPo5e2. 5ome ju57 574R7ed U51N’ L337 ou7 oF 5HeEr CRe471V17y, 5OME D1D 17 7O M4X1m12e CrED17 v4lUE oN 7e1r cEllPhOne2, 5oME weRe jU57 l42Y, 4Nd 5omE JU57 D1dn7 KnOw how 7O 5PELl. 17 12 Now 4 GlOb4l KUL7UR4L PhENomenoN wh1Ch h42 g41nED Glob4L reCOGn171ON WheN mErR14M-weB57ER N4Med “w007” 2007 Word oF 7EH Ye4r.

7ru57 mEH, 1 M 5URE 4Ll oF joO Re4d1n’ 7H12 H4ve U5eD l337 1n oNe W4Y or 4NO7HEr, bE 17 e-m41L, 1n574N7 ME4554NG1n’, or eVen 5M2. 1 m 5URe jOo h4Ve u5eD 7hE2E “Word5” L1KE “CU” phOR “5EE jOO”, “Brb” phor “bE R1gH7 b4cK”, “77yL” phOR “74lK 7o Joo L47er”, “LOL” pHOr “L4uGH1N’ Ou7 LOUd”, “Rofl” phOR “ROLl1n’ oN PHLOoR l4UgH1NG”, “G7G” pHor “go7 7o go”, “W7f” pHOr..WElL..JoO GE7 7Eh 1De4. 7eH 7erm “l337” 574ND2 pHoR El17e, 17 w42 4 L4NgU4Ge DevElopED by H4xOR2 WhO U5eD l337 voc4bUL4Ry 7O KoMmUn1c47E 5ecRe71VelY 4nd 7O bYP455 CEN5OR2 1n phORum2 4ND ch@ roOm2.

HOWEVEr L337 h42 been 4RounD 51ncE GENER471on X, reMEmBeR 7eh 71Me WHEn P4gEr2 WerE POpUL4R? m4nY weRE 4lLRE4dy dO1N’ NUmBER 5pELl1n’ phOR YE4R2. 1NF4c7 l337 ph1R57 K4Me 4bOu7 WHen k4lCul47OR2 WEre 1nveN7ed, 42 5OME BorED jOoNG pheLl4 5PellEd “hELlo” (07734 Up51de dOwn).l337 hOwEvER dEvELOPED 4 lO7 4F7er 7eh B1r7H Of 7eH CybER 4Ge.l337 h42 4L5o dEvElOpeD 1n7O 4 BoXOR PROgR4mM1n’ L4nGu4GE, 4nD 4L5O u5ED 1N mEG47okYO ONl1Ne koM1C. l337 h42 BECOme 4 dEf1N1n’ 45PEc7 oF 4 GEnER471ON BrOUGH7 Up oN 7eH B1g L4n (Gen 2). 5ome kon51dER eMO71CON2 ;), l1ke 5M1LEY ph4ce2, Bu7 o7HER2 (Ju57 l1KE 7HO2e n471ON4L l4ngU4Ge phor 5c1Ence 4nd m47H2 PRopOnEN72)M41n741N 7H@ L337 5hOulD oNLY KoN5157 OF 5YMBOl1C WOrD eNcrYp71ON.

old PEopLe, mo57 OF7En 7END 7O d15M155 7eh CRED1b1L17y oF l337 42 4 PROPER L4ngU4Ge, 4nD koNdEMnd 17 42 4 kORRup71ON oF mOdeRN L4NgU4Ge. HowEVER DOn7 BE M15Le4d BY 5UCH 57471C Op1n1On2, BEl1EVE 17 or nOR L337 H42 172 OWN gr4MM4R, voC4BUL4rY, 4nD 5Y57em of rhyM1n’ 4ND RHy7hm. D4V1d cry574L, 4 l4NgU4gE H157Or14N @ 7EH Un1VeR517Y Of w4lE2 541d, “R47heR 7h4n KONdeMN1N’ 17, we 5hoUlD BE EXul71n’ 1N 7eH Ph4c7 7h@ 7Eh b1g L4N 12 4LlOW1n’ U2 7O oNCe More EXPLOre 7eH Power of 7EH Wr177En l4Ngu4ge 1n 4 cRe471ve w4y”, expl41N1N’ 7h@ 7eh b1G l4N “12 PhO57eR1N’ neW K1nD2 Of cRE471v17Y 7HRoUgH l4NgU4gE. 17’2 7eh bEg1Nn1n’ oF 4 nEw 574ge 1n 7EH evOlu71oN OF 7EH wR177EN l4NgU4GE 4nD 4 NEw MO71V471on Phor cH1LD 4Nd 4dUL7 l17ER4CY.”

hERe r 5omE eX4mPle of L337 L4ngu4GE 4Nd 172 7r4n5l471On, 1nf4c7 1 h4D 7R4N5L47ED 7h12 whOle 4r71CLe 1N7O L337!. EMbr4ce gEnEr471oN 2!

Advance L337

|_337 7E|-| |_a|\|9|_|A9E 0|= 9e|\|E.-a710|\| 2. |-|e|_|_0 E\/E.-`/b0|)`/, |-|0|>E _|00 e|\|_|0`/e|) 7e|-| |>1E(E 0|\| E|\/|b.-A(1|\|9 9E|\|E.-a710|\| 2. 70|)A`/, 1 |>|_a|\| 70 |>|-||_|.-7|-|e.- e><|>|_0.-e 7|-|A7 9e|\|E.-a710|\|. |\|e75|>eAK 0.- BE77e.- k|\|0\/\/|\| a5 |_337 15 A K|_||_7|_|.-A|_ |>|-|e|\|0|\/|e|\|0|\| 0|= 9e|\| 2. 17 15 a |_A|\|9|_|A9e \/\/|-|1(|-| |-|a5 e\/0|_\/E|) |>|-|.-0|\/| E|\|9|_15|-|, 17 15 7e|-| |_a|\|9|_|a9E 0|= b19 |_A|\| 9e|\|e.-a710|\|. 1 \/\/0|_||_|) |_1KE 70 (A|_|_ 17 7E|-| a((1|)e|\|7a|_ |_a|\|9|_|a9E, A5 17 |)E\/e|_0|>E|) k|_|2 0|= 7e|-| |\|EE|) 0|= |>|-|a57 7E><71|\|9 |>|-|0.- \/a.-10|_|5 |>|_|.-|>05E5. 50|\/|E _||_|57 57a.-7e|) |_|51|\|9 |_337 0|_|7 0|= 5|-|ee.- (.-Ea71\/17`/, 50|\/|E |)1|) 17 70 |\/|a><1|\/|12E (.-e|)17 \/a|_|_|E 0|\| 7e1.- (E|_|_|>|-|0|\|e5, 50|\/|E \/\/E.-E _||_|57 |_A2`/, a|\||) 50|\/|E _||_|57 |)1|)|\|7 k|\|0\/\/ |-|0\/\/ 70 5|>e|_|_. 17 15 |\|0\/\/ a 9|_0ba|_ k|_||_7|_|.-A|_ |>|-|E|\|0|\/|e|\|0|\| \/\/|-|1(|-| |-|a5 9A1|\|E|) 9|_0ba|_ .-e(09|\|1710|\| \/\/|-|E|\| |\/|e.-.-1A|\/|-\/\/Eb57E.- |\|A|\/|E|) “\/\/007” 2007 \/\/0.-|) 0|= 7e|-| `/eA.-.

7.-|_|57 |\/|E|-|, 1 |\/| 5|_|.-e A|_|_ 0|= _|00 .-eA|)1|\|9 7|-|15 |-|a\/e |_|5e|) |_337 1|\| 0|\|e \/\/A`/ 0.- a|\|07|-|e.-, be 17 e-|\/|A1|_, 1|\|57a|\|7 |\/|eA22a|\|91|\|9, 0.- E\/E|\| 5|\/|5. 1 |\/| 5|_|.-e _|00 |-|A\/e |_|5e|) 7|-|e2E “\/\/0.-|)5” |_1KE “(|_|” |>|-|0.- “5EE _|00”, “b.-b” |>|-|0.- “Be .-19|-|7 Ba(k”, “77`/|_” |>|-|0.- “7a|_k 70 _|00 |_a7e.-”, “|_0|_” |>|-|0.- “|_A|_|9|-|1|\|9 0|_|7 |_0|_||)”, “.-0|=|_” |>|-|0.- “.-0|_|_1|\|9 0|\| |>|-||_00.- |_a|_|9|-|1|\|9”, “979” |>|-|0.- “907 70 90”, “\/\/7|=” |>|-|0.-..\/\/e|_|_.._|00 9E7 7E|-| 1|)Ea. 7e|-| 7E.-|\/| “|_337” 57A|\||)5 |>|-|0.- e|_17e, 17 \/\/A5 A |_a|\|9|_|a9e |)E\/e|_0|>e|) B`/ |-|a><0.-5 \/\/|-|0 |_|5E|) |_337 \/0(Ab|_||_A.-`/ 70 k0|\/||\/||_||\|1(a7e 5e(.-e71\/e|_`/ A|\||) 70 B`/|>A22 (e|\|50.-5 1|\| |>|-|0.-|_||\/|5 A|\||) (|-|A7 .-00|\/|5.

|-|0\/\/e\/e.- |_337 |-|a5 Bee|\| a.-0|_||\||) 51|\|(E 9e|\|e.-A710|\| ><, .-E|\/|e|\/|Be.- 7E|-| 71|\/|e \/\/|-|e|\| |>a9e.-5 \/\/e.-e |>0|>|_||_A.-? |\/|A|\|`/ \/\/e.-e A|_|_.-eA|)`/ |)01|\|9 |\||_||\/|BE.- 5|>e|_|_1|\|9 |>|-|0.- `/Ea.-5. 1|\||=a(7 |_337 |>|-|1.-57 (a|\/|E AB0|_|7 \/\/|-|e|\| (A|_(|_||_A70.-5 \/\/E.-E 1|\|\/e|\|7E|), A5 50|\/|e B0.-E|) _|00|\|9 |>|-|e|_|_a 5|>e|_|_e|) “|-|E|_|_0” (07734 |_||>51|)E |)0\/\/|\|).|_337 |-|0\/\/e\/E.- |)e\/e|_0|>E|) a |_07 A|=7E.- 7e|-| B1.-7|-| 0|= 7E|-| (`/Be.- a9E.|_337 |-|a5 a|_50 |)E\/E|_0|>E|) 1|\|70 A b0><0.- |>.-09.-A|\/||\/|1|\|9 |_a|\|9|_|A9e, a|\||) a|_50 |_|5E|) 1|\| |\/|e9a70K`/0 0|\||_1|\|e K0|\/|1(. |_337 |-|a5 be(0|\/|e A |)e|=1|\|1|\|9 A5|>E(7 0|= a 9E|\|e.-A710|\| b.-0|_|9|-|7 |_||> 0|\| 7e|-| b19 |_a|\| (9E|\| 2). 50|\/|E K0|\|51|)E.- e|\/|071(0|\|5 ;), |_1ke 5|\/|1|_E`/ |>|-|A(e5, B|_|7 07|-|E.-5 (_||_|57 |_1Ke 7|-|02e |\|A710|\|A|_ |_a|\|9|_|A9e |>|-|0.- 5(1E|\|(e A|\||) |\/|A7|-|5 |>.-0|>0|\|E|\|75)|\/|A1|\|7A1|\| 7|-|a7 |_337 5|-|0|_||_|) 0|\||_`/ K0|\|5157 0|= 5`/|\/|b0|_1( \/\/0.-|) e|\|(.-`/|>710|\|.

0|_|) |>e0|>|_E, |\/|057 0|=7e|\| 7e|\||) 70 |)15|\/|155 7e|-| (.-e|)1b1|_17`/ 0|= |_337 A5 A |>.-0|>E.- |_A|\|9|_|A9E, A|\||) k0|\||)e|\/||\||) 17 a5 a k0.-.-|_||>710|\| 0|= |\/|0|)e.-|\| |_A|\|9|_|a9E. |-|0\/\/e\/e.- |)0|\|7 Be |\/|15|_Ea|) b`/ 5|_|(|-| 57A71( 0|>1|\|10|\|5, BE|_1e\/E 17 0.- |\|0.- |_337 |-|a5 175 0\/\/|\| 9.-A|\/||\/|A.-, \/0(aB|_||_a.-`/, a|\||) 5`/57e|\/| 0|= .-|-|`/|\/|1|\|9 a|\||) .-|-|`/7|-||\/|. |)A\/1|) (.-`/57A|_, A |_A|\|9|_|a9E |-|1570.-1a|\| A7 7E|-| |_||\|1\/E.-517`/ 0|= \/\/A|_e5 5A1|), “.-A7|-|E.- 7|-|A|\| k0|\||)E|\/||\|1|\|9 17, \/\/E 5|-|0|_||_|) bE E><|_||_71|\|9 1|\| 7E|-| |>|-|a(7 7|-|A7 7E|-| B19 |_A|\| 15 A|_|_0\/\/1|\|9 |_|5 70 0|\|(E |\/|0.-E E><|>|_0.-e 7E|-| |>0\/\/E.- 0|= 7E|-| \/\/.-177E|\| |_a|\|9|_|a9e 1|\| A (.-Ea71\/e \/\/A`/”, e><|>|_a1|\|1|\|9 7|-|a7 7e|-| b19 |_A|\| “15 |>|-|057E.-1|\|9 |\|e\/\/ k1|\||)5 0|= (.-EA71\/17`/ 7|-|.-0|_|9|-| |_A|\|9|_|A9e. 17’5 7e|-| bE91|\||\|1|\|9 0|= a |\|e\/\/ 57A9E 1|\| 7E|-| e\/0|_|_|710|\| 0|= 7E|-| \/\/.-177E|\| |_A|\|9|_|a9e a|\||) A |\|e\/\/ |\/|071\/A710|\| |>|-|0.- (|-|1|_|) A|\||) A|)|_||_7 |_17e.-A(`/.”

|-|e.-e .- 50|\/|e E><A|\/||>|_E 0|= |_337 |_a|\|9|_|A9E A|\||) 175 7.-a|\|5|_a710|\|, 1|\||=A(7 1 |-|A|) 7.-A|\|5|_A7e|) 7|-|15 \/\/|-|0|_e a.-71(|_E 1|\|70 |_337!. E|\/|B.-a(e 9e|\|e.-a710|\| 2!


11 Responses

  1. aI_7I-I0I_I6I-I 175 7OI_I6I-I, bI_I7 175 1I\I7e.-e571I\I6!
    (although its tough, its interesting!) am i ri8?

  2. what da f**k ? this is total crap dude. either u are stone out or i’m jz plain old douche bag!

  3. Tuju your just plain old douche bag!. Try looking up l33t on wikipedia!!!

  4. Wao… Aishah, your have embraced generation Z!!!

  5. WH@ 73H phUx0R 0N 34R7H 12 7H12 0lDM4n cr4pp1n9.
    To Tuju, crap is what you get when you grow old and try to make sense of the young. L33t is evolution in the making, it is an advance language as it is right now. It is used in computer programming, this is a new age social phenomenon.

  6. dude,

    i’m not saying that what u wrote crap. what i’m saying is those written language (not spoken) are totally totally incomprehensible. u cant change much on the sound that came out from ur mouth. the sound is still the same. there is no changes whatsoever.

    the only change is the way its written. going back to the question of what is language, in its most basic basic definition – language simply sound or sounds that come out from ur mouth. thats all.

    u might change the way u writes but the sound of it is still the same.

    and the other pretty much important point is that in any language u cannot run away from analysing its foundation. what is the foundation of generation z language? its foundation no matter how it was written, it is still English rooted in Anglo-Saxon tradition of linguistic structure.

    so, for me its crap to say that it is a new language coz it aint new at all dude. its a mere simplified written form of a internet language which is still founded within the foundation and structure of English language.

    phUx0R – this i totally understand because phUx0R is what all of us need! everybody need to unload their tension once in a while. hahaha

    aint bad for an old douche bag like me, aint it?

  7. actually, your really bad… dissmissing l337 as crap is something most people from generation X do. l337 is no crap, and what you just commented is simply basic lee7, which in l337 standards is kindergarten stuff. Try reading advance l33t. l33t is online language, that means you just need a keyboard to communicate, its not an effective verbal communication tool, and as i mentioned it an evolution of language. Just like how english used to be Anglo-Saxon. English was a German dialect, and evolved into modern day English. So has l33t and l337 has its foundation not only in English but also major languages of the world such as Germany, Japanese, Korean, Esperanto and so on.

    Heck, your noobz anyway.

  8. dude,

    if the chick that wear the shirt that says, “if u can read this u really need to get laid” is the kind chicks that i would get laid if i migrate from generation X to generation Z, then i’m all for generation Z language!

    long live L33t!

  9. slm best gak blog bro

  10. actually english comes from latin which developed completely separate from the barbaric german tribes thank u very much.
    as 4 l33t it rox for screen names & stuff but advanced l337 is 2 inefficient compared 2 shorthand or idk the official name 4 abbreviations is

  11. lol i rememer wen et used tu bee abowt mispeleen an not abowt pooteen nomers in teh werds

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