Wind of Change ; The Student Revolution


It has become obvious to me that there is an uprising of awareness amongst students in University Kebangsaan Malaysia. As i write this post my hair stands in pride, for the change that is taking place amongst our generation. The Malaysian students are now stepping up to their responsibility in shaping the future of our beloved Malaysia. Last campus elections, i saw evidence that race was never an issue, that students were able to unite as a single race, a race that strives to uphold justice and truth. I witness with my own eyes, the cooperation, the mutual respect, the brewing creativity, the passion, and above all… the love that they share for our country.

At that point i was convinced that Malaysia has so much hope for the future. The young of this beloved land, have so much to contribute to her growth, and success. We might not have wealth, or technological advancement, but we have young people who love this country so much, so deep, so passionate. In this sense, i feel that Malaysia has so much to look forward to. Their spirit is strong, and their conviction is united in upholding  justice, truth, and humanity. A day after the election, they once again carved history when they demonstrated against the Gaza massacre. The demonstration was held in front of the University’s Mosque, there were about 600 Muslim students gathered after the Friday prayers. Their spirits were high, condemning the injustice that is taking place in Gaza, they were young turks riding high against cruelty. But the wind of change blew the strongest, when a non-Moslem brother walked up to the stairs of the Mosque and spoke against the Zionist beast that was mercilessly slaughtering Palestians in Gaza. At that point i saw the unity of the Malaysian Ummah, it was like a sign from GOD ALLMIGHTY. An ummah that is united beyond race and religion, an ummah that stands up for TRUTH and JUSTICE.

A sign that change is coming, that Moslems and non-Moslems can unite for truth and justice. Truth and Justice, the fundamental propagation of GOD, has indeed brought the wind of change into the hearts of young Malaysians. I am confident, that there is nothing that will stop this up rising revolution of thoughts. GOD brought us  in union infront of his abode, this unity started with divine blessing. This unity will paint the future, this unity will prevail. I have never been prouder being a Malaysian. The students have awaken, the revolution has begun, and this time no national front will stop them, for they are united and they are united in truth and justice.

If your wondering who are the students i am talking about, have a look at Student Power!, GMUKM, and Pro-M. The wind of change has begun, change is ineveitable, the good has unite and so the corrupt shall fall. I am proud, i am proud, i am proud to be a young Malaysian.


3 Responses

  1. saya fikir beberapa ahli baru yang menyinar patut diserapkan dalam daftar penulis diskopi yang setaraf dengan penulis lama.

    penulis2 tua kena diganti dengan penulis2 muda. macam aqil fithri tuh, langsung tak menulis dah dalam diskopi! buat semak je, hehehe!

  2. betol! saya sokong. saya klik kat namer aqil fithri, hanya tiga artikel sahaja keluar. patutnya, setiap penulis yang tersenarai dalam list penulis diskopi, perlu menulis sekurang-kurangnya 1 artikel seminggu, baru la produktif.

    p/s: sorang lagi yang saya nampak kurang menyumbang ialah mesincetak.

  3. aqil dah kena sergah baru nak tulis. tahu takut, hehehe!

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