Hariszuan was interviewed by Malaysiakini on nomination day. The article by Malaysiakini can be read here.  The GMUKM team has allready four 4 seats in the elections, they will need 13 more seats before they make simple majority.

The student movement however is very much concerned about vote manipulation and also racial sentiments raised by the Aspirasi component party which is known as Chinese Community Council (CCC). They have been distributing booklets that spreads lies about GMUKM and is also raising racial sentiments among the Malaysian Chinese students.

However key figures in GMUKM noted that they will lodge a police report on the matter if (CCC) refuse to take responsibilty. Apart from that it was also reported GMUKM is fully ready to face Aspirasi in this elections. However they also begged for support from the first years, and Chinese community to give support for the Pro-student candidates.


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