Chinese Community Student Committee Plays Racial Cards

The University Kebangsaan Malaysia Chinese Community Student Committee (CCC), which is apart of the Pro-University Aspirasi front has started inciting racial tension amongst the Malay and Chinese students. They have been distributing booklets that alledge GMUKM as being an Islamist agent that ignores other races. The booklet also states that Islam propogates domination upon the non-Moslems, therefore the Chinese students should only vote for the Aspirasi candidates and not GMUKM which they alledge to be “green” and an Islamist agent.

CCC have also utilised e-mail and web forums to spread their ill propaganda againt GMUKM. Their move in inciting malicious feelings against Islam and GMUKM is viewed as a desperate measure to keep the Chinese support. The recent rebranding of GMUKM which now incoperates Chinese and Indian students has become a threat to CCC, as for the first time Malay and Chinese students are working together under the same banner to overthrow the Aspirasi student council.

According to Teo Lee Ken, one of the key figures in GMUKM, CCC has been actively inciting the Chinese students to vote against GMUKM by slandering them to be Islamic extremist. He added that CCC has also been threathening Chinese students so that they support the establishment and not involve themselves with the GMUKM students. Teo Lee Ken also voiced out that the allegations made by CCC is simply a desperate attempt to ensure that they will keep the Chinese support.

The university authorities have not taken any action against the CCC students who were distributing the seditious booklets which are written in Mandarin. Another Chinese key figure in GMUKM who refuses to identify himself has noted that this is a normal scenario, in where Aspirasi component associations turn to raise racial issues to scare and threaten the voters.

GMUKM has been facing a lot of problems in approaching the Chinese students ever since the booklet went into circulation. The Chinese students in GMUKM has expressed their dissapointment on the allegations made by CCC, one member Lee Seow Long mentioned “GMUKM is a student body that aspires to unite all students regardless of race and religion. However it is people like this (CCC) that smear the noble efforts of GMUKM with baseless fears.They manipulate the Chinese Educated students by inciting religious diffrences. It is a shame that the sincerity of GMUKM is smeared with seditious alegations.

He also noted that a police report on the booklet will be lodged soon, if CCC does not make a public appology. GMUKM calls for all Malaysian students to unite as Malaysians and reject race based issues, and they have also called for all supporters to remain calm and express their feelings at the ballot boxes come 15 January.


4 Responses

  1. haha…what a lame excuses….anyway…harap2 pihak proM jgn la main racial card nti…jgn jadi mcm proAspirasi…

    tapi, kdg2, sy lihat proM pun lebih kurang mcm proAspirasi…..

    politik kampus yg memeningkan…

  2. pro M… masih kuat lagi identity Islam dia. tapi kat UKM dah mula nampak ada kepala-kepala dia yang bukan Muslim… nampaknya diapa sincere nak berubah lah kot.

  3. dato harimau…tu la masalah nya….

    sb tu bg sy bnda ni spt UMNO vs PAS jer…

  4. Our support for unity among university students regardless of race religion and background .we are against racism..we are fighting it,and we will never give up.

    U have the support from the UTAR students who believe in education that is blinded to differences of race.

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