Happy New Year 2009

Diskopi wishes all readers a Happy 2009. Hopefully 2009 will liberate our thinking and bring us all to new heights.


Campus Elections

Dear readers, our writer Hariszuan also better known as Harisz has made an official statement late yesterday evening that he would be standing for the coming Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Campus Elections. Harisz a second year Political Science student has noted that his decision to stand for the elections is to change the perception of students regarding various issues. Among others he pointed out that the previous student council was doing nothing that they should be doing. Harisz deemed the achievement listed out by the previous student council a to be the duty of the University and not of the student council. Continue reading

Calvin and Economy

The Tigers Lair

Looks like Dato Harimau has started his war of ideas. Head on to Malwaridas to find out more. What do you guys think about his efforts? Any critiques? Oh and how many have joined this crusade/intifada? Well Diskopi wishes all the best to Dato Harimau and his soldiers, we hope that he will continue to contribute to Diskopi.

Merry Christmas!


Diskopi would like to wish all Christian readers a Merry Christmas!!! 🙂 Sorry about the lack of updates as many of our writters are busy activist of justice, democracy, human rights, and gender equality, and they find the holidays to be the perfect time to organise and participate in many events. Perhaps they will share their experince with us, when the new year begins. Take care people.

Brainless, Mindless and Senseless

“If we are to understand how society works, we must attempt to define the general nature and range of our ignorance concerning it.”

Malaysia has never been a dull place to live in. Day after day we encounter brainless, mindless and senseless leaders of the highest calibre who make the most nonsensical policies. There is an old saying that says the longer we live, the more wisdom we acquire. In the land of Malaysia, the opposite holds true. It seems that the longer or older one gets, the more senile one becomes. It’s funny that while we think we’re doing something beneficial, the exact opposite occurs. Continue reading

Freedom Academy January 2009

16 – 18 January 2009.
Theme: “Globalisation, the free market and developing countries”
Venue: Residence Hotel, UNITEN, Selangor Continue reading