Namewee is at it AGAIN!!!

Hahaha.. i cant help but laughing my head off, when i came across the latest video by the controversial  infamous bad boy Namewee! who got the whole cabinet talking about him when he rapped Negarukuku. This time he takes it out on the Chinese education system, and i agree with him completely. Why dont you guys have a look at the video’s first and then we will have a blast discussing it. Oh and yeah i must warn you guys, it is obscene! 18PL people. So watch at your own discretion!.

Just for those who dont get Chinese, he repeats the alphabets 3 times because he is trying to mock the Chinese system of phonetics, the Pin Yin ( i hope i got it right). He goes on criticizing the weaknesses of the Chinese education system, saying that it is insufficient and lacking in many arrears.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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