The Road to Slavery with the National Front

“The National Front is a hindrance to freedom and liberty and is the only path to the road to slavery.”

For many years we have believed or have being told to believe that the only way to freedom is through economic meddling or interference. The society, people like you and I, of all races have been told that the only way to ensure peace and harmony in this nation was through economic meddling. It was said and is still being said by many that this was agreed upon by our forefather s and formed part of what we know today as the social contract. Little do they know that it was not the path to freedom, but actually the road to serfdom, slavery and servitude, regardless of race or religion.

We must bring ourselves to accept the agonizing truth that economic meddling actually brings us to the path of slavery, in this case, slavery to the leaders and politicians of the National Front or better known as Barisan Nasional. For thirty years we have tried. For thirty years we have failed miserably. It all started when it was said that to maintain unity of our various people, the economic life of every must be consciously directed. However many did not see this, that economic meddling could only lead us to one path, the road to slavery and totalitarianism. This is a necessary outcome as to achieve any economic end the planners must wield a certain degree of power. The more they attempt to direct, the more power they needed to wield. At the end there was only one outcome; totalitarianism. That the people of Malaysia suffered this outcome cannot be denied.

The rule of the National Front inevitably led us this way. It is not a coincidence that in the 1980s and 1990s where government meddling in the economy became more and more intense, and was most intense, so was the suffocation of our individual liberty and freedom. Freedoms of all kinds were chained. Dissent was frowned upon. The opposition was hunted down like herds of human sheep. Rule of law and justice were forgotten. There was only one command, and it was the command of the totalitarian dictator. “Where the dominant employer is the state, opposition means death by slow starvation.” There was only one law; you are either with us, or you are against us. There was democracy. however this democracy can be “no justification that so long power is conferred by democratic procedure, it cannot be arbitrary, it is not the source of the power which prevents it from being arbitrary; to be free, power must also be limited.” The judicial crisis of 1988 sums it all up. Today, much of it is still the same.

With totalitarianism, came another outcome. To maintain total dominance, the totalitarian leader would have “to choose between disregard of ordinary morals or failure.” And of course the former was chosen. That is why in totalitarian society, the useless and brainless is likely to be more successful or on top in the leadership rung. “The totalitarian leader must collect around him a group which is prepared voluntarily to submit to that discipline they are to impose by force upon the rest of the people.”

One may ask, why is it that it is those who are most useless and brainless who occupy the highest of positions?

First, it is usual that the higher the education and intelligence, the more different views of each individual will be. For the totalitarian leader, this cannot be accepted. He would need uniformity of thinking and consent. To find this uniformity, he appoints people with the lowest of “moral and intellectual standards where the more primitive instincts prevail.” The National Front is of course the centre of primordial excellence where all the best primates of the country gather and where primitive instincts rule supreme.

Second, since this group needs to maintain and also to increase its following, it must increase its members by converting more “especially those who are docile and easy to fool.” This explains why the National Front insists on indoctrinating and stupidifying our students in local public universities.

Thirdly, to form a coherent body, the totalitarian “leader must appeal to common human weakness” as to promote something negative is much easier than promoting something positive. To do this the leader must incite the hatred of an enemy. For instance, it is always “we” against “them”. The most usual is the cry of ‘supremacy of Malays’ against the ‘immigrants of china and India’. Or in other cases it’s ‘the National Front who obtain independence for Malaysia’ against the ‘confused opposition of Anwarites, Islam fundamentalists and Chinese chauvinist.’ Every battle is a battle of ‘we’ against ‘them’, not a battle of good over evil or justice over injustice.

Malaysia must remember that “the guiding principle in any attempt to create a nation of free men must be this; a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy.” The National Front is a hindrance to freedom and liberty and is the only path to the road to slavery.


7 Responses

  1. Agreed… yet i beg to differ the few earlier part on the “meddling with the economy”. Look at Kenya, Singapore, Bosnia, The USA and the list might go on… think for a moment what has happened to all the natives in those places?

    Kenya – Economic power held by the Gujeraties from India, all businesses are run by Indians, while kenyan’s become slaves, hard labour. Was there economical intervention by the state? Nope…

    Singapore – what respect do the Malays in Singapore have? Would we ever again see a Malay President or Prime Minister? or even a minister? Is there any intervention in economics? Very minimal…

    Bosnia – Look at how the Bosnian muslims were slaughtered. Was there economic intervention? No… there was political chaos. They were better off being communist…

    The USA – who are the natives of the USA? Red Indians… where are they now? You have a black President… what happened to the Red Indians – they died and become the worlds endangered species? Economic intervention? frm those American capitalistic bastards? I dont think so…

  2. i suppose its true…there weren’t any economic intervention..but at the same time i think we should take note that neither was there economic freedom…

    and one more thing, when political power interferes, everything disintegrates…that is something which i think all the examples u gave above have in common…be it direct political interference or indirect political interference through economic intervention…

    in malaysia, its the latter…

  3. Vanguard,this post is empowering..thank you 😉 great job on this and hope to be seeing you again,if im not mistaken about ur id lol 🙂 😉

  4. well, i guess too many people have been reading and learning Machiavellian theories. Yet, to argue against benevolence or totalitarianism as a whole based on just such facts and examples (bad leadership, etc) would be folly.

    It would be much preferable to have an efficient and effective, streamlined administration thats practices totalitarianism rather then a very democratic but hapless administration bogged down by politics and redundant political inter-party bickering.

    checks and balances will still be needed, total democracy isn’t the answer, as governance would just b ineffective, and policy formulation will take forever. Totalitarianism isn’t the best choice, but then each has its plus points. To condemn totalitarianism and crusade for “individual freedom” ignores the fact that certain freedoms do bring more harm then good, and that total individual freedom in a modern functioning society is not practically possible. The very basis of democracy is that the minority must follow the majority thus, the majority can act at the expense of the minority, thus, even then, there is no total freedom.

    Arguably, slavery may be a way to illustrate the extrapolation of the current political climate, but, hypothetically speaking, if we had an efficient and effective but rather totalitarian government, and we were “slaves” to this new regime, yet, we are individually, more economically prosperous (with better overall standards of living) under such a regime, would we still tirade against this “slavery”?

  5. “Our inquiry is not after that which is perfect, well knowing that no such thing is found among men; but we seek that human Constitution which is attended with the least, or most pardonable inconveniences”

    Totalitarianism or totalitarian government is never good, in whatever or however way…

    “Power tends to corrupts, absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely”

  6. where do u get these quotes from !?

    “tends” is a rather dodgy term.

    Slippery slope arguments aren’t the best way to discuss politics.

  7. haha, WTF… nice nick!!! You know you sound so much like the guys i hangout with. Vanguard, its “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” WTF, hehehe… welcome to Diskopi… its nice to have opinions like yours around.

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