Diskopi Polls!

Diskopi wants to know if our readers are in support of Najib Abdul Razak as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. We ask our readers to vote, please vote and if you feel like sharing your 2 cents then go ahead and spill your opinion on the comments.

Diskopi ingin tahu sama ada pembaca Diskopi menyokong Najib Abdul Razak sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang seterusnya. Kami pohon kepada pelawat kami supaya mengundi, dan jika anda mahu berkongsi pendapat berhubung hal ini, pendapat anda amat dialu-alukan. Namun saya ingatkan anda supaya menjaga tutur kata.


9 Responses

  1. the results tell a consensus.

    currently,no one is fit to be the PM of Malaysia unless,Malaysia becomes truly democratic and plural.

    then maybe we will be able to see a better nation.

  2. Or worse…

    Tyranny can come from the minority or majority. The latter applies to democracy esp. would we trade one form of discrimination for another?

  3. I can’t find the submit button. LOL!

    EDIT: Found it.. it was invisible to me for some reason.

    I’m the “Not sure” person, really have nooo idea. But if you were to ask me to choose based on looks, Najib looks pretty good. XD But Pak Lah has that cute grandpa look juga. 😛

  4. ewww…ghhhk. i just died.LOL

  5. U really need to ask the poll ke? I got the creeps when I read this post. Hahaha

  6. Of courselah, 38 votes doesnt mean anything… if we hit 100 by next week, diskopi will push for a no for Najib as PM. Otherwise we will just sit back and wait till they shut us down…

  7. dato. Shut us down tak akan my friend. Without us they are nothing. Voting themselves will not go far. hahaha. Mana satu ken? I need to talk to him.

  8. Nak pilih Najib ke, atau Ibrahim Ali sekalipun tapi bukan rakyat yang pilih.

    UMNO gak yang pilih.

    Jadi, ada apa peluang untuk rakyat memilih PM??

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