The Poor Aint Lazy

The following video, has put together something which i have held strong too all my life.This is amongst the reason why i could not bring myself to believe in capitalism and the free market without government intervention. However the people at Uncultured have a different approach to poverty..I wonder if this video would spark a debate among the Diskopians. Oh and lookout for Johnny… hahaha.


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  1. Argghh, my internet is working at 3kb/s for downloading… it will take hours for me to watch the above movie/documentary… Damn!!

    so i cant comment anything yet before i can get some high speed internet to watch the movie…

    ‘…why i could not bring myself to believe in capitalism and the free market WITHOUT government intervention..’

    oh yes The Desperado, I dont believe in capitalism and free market WITHOUT government intervention too, but i certainly will consider on free market WITH LIMITED government… 🙂

  2. Hamidi, you can parrot it over and over again, i don’t think it’ll get through kekeke. And u’d better give up quoting Mankiw, Bhagwati or Krugman…too technical. The debates here are better fought with fundamantal economic principals rather than general equilibrium models or such.

    I don’t think any of the libertarian people on diskopi here ever doubt that the poor are lazy, it was never implied explicitly or implicitly.

    Nevertheless, i did watch the vid, and the solutions to their problems are expressed in the video itself. Johnny (wtf?) for instance, is a private proprietor of a business (a “petit capitalist” in Marxian terms). Bangladesh has one of the most successful poverty-busting programs in the world: Grameen Bank by Muhammad Yunus, a microcredit facility operating FOR profit. Grameen provides financial capital for small business not unlike Johnny (baiknye mak bapak ye?) to to develop and even grow where no commercial banks would even dare lend to. As such helping the poor help themselves, rather than having them depending (addicted?) on welfare.

    “the only reason these kids have an option of studying part time is local people from the community got together and form a charity” this is an example of private institutions and similar to a waqf foundation or a baitulmal, something laudable and all libertarians support.

    Sure they need help, but welfare (handouts with no guarantee of investment by the poor) and minimum wage (would Johnny have to pay his workers a minimum wage if he expands his business? that would kill his business and his workers’ jobs) is not the way.

  3. Wan Fadzrul, is that too technical? ehehe…

    Even if it’s too technical, it needs to be considered… because sometimes the answers lie inside the technical aspects… and honestly i cant appreciate ‘big’ ideas without considering the technical aspect of it.. and u know what, all those inflation rate, it is so easy to prove it’s weaknesses if u study on the technical parts.. and u can trail down the reason some of the model are not suitable.. I also think that if we neglect the technical aspect, then it will be a never-ending debate.. hehe

  4. If you listen to the vid properly at the begining, ….They often get trapped in the cycle of poverty… this is a side effect of capitalism.

  5. In the United States, where it has become almost impossible to use “liberal” in the sense in which I have used it, the term “libertarian” has been used instead. It may be the answer; but for my part I find it singularly unattractive. For my taste it carries too much the flavor of a manufactured term and of a substitute. What I should want is a word which describes the party of life, the party that favors free growth and spontaneous evolution. But I have racked my brain unsuccessfully to find a descriptive term which commends itself.

  6. I didn’t deny that although it says…”They often get trapped in the cycle of poverty” …but it continues …”many at a very young age have to choose between getting a job and put food on the table or go to school so they can have a better future”.

    This is a rural village in Bangladesh, not the most affluent place in a one of the least developed economies in the world. Who are the capitalists that are screwing these people? the “petit capitalists” like Johnny? It it because of entrepreneurial people like Johnny that there’s even hope of getting these people out of poverty.

    And you have to admit, they have really bad politics in Bangladesh, military coups and stuff….bad for business, bad for the economy, bad for the poor.

  7. ken, sure, that’s his view, to me a better definition would be “a system of civil and economic freedom” , that’s my understanding of what libertarianism is. And after all its easier to type “libertarianism” that that whole phrase…kekeke

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