Recruitment for War of Ideas.


Para pembaca sekalian,

Saya Dato Harimau akan melancarkan perang idea ke atas idea-idea kapitalisme dan pasaran bebas. Daripada 1hb December 2008 sehingga 31hb Januari 2009, saya melancarkan pusingan serangan yang pertama terhadap idea-idea libertarian di Malaysia. Perang ini akan dikenali sebagai Malaysian War of Ideas atau singkatanya MALWARIDAS. Objektif perang ini adalah untuk menguji idea-idea libertarian dan mendedahkan kelemahan-kelemahanya. Perang ini juga bermatlamat untuk menghapuskan polemik politik perkauman dan memperkenalkan polemik politik berasaskan idea.

Dengan itu, tuk ingin merekrut penulis-penulis bebas dan blog untuk menyertai perang idea ini. Tuk berharap semua yang berminat akan segera menghubungi tuk melalui alamat e-mail supaya perbincangan mengenai strategi serangan dan taktik-taktik serangan ke atas idea-idea dapat depercepatkan. Tuk akan menghantar maklumat lanjut melalui e-mail kepada mereka yang berminat berhubung dengan langkah-langkah yang wajar untuk mencapai misi ini. Tuk juga memerlukan artis-artis grafik dan penyebar maklumat untuk membantu menjayakan perang ini. Jemputan juga terbuka kepada semua penulis Diskopi yang tidak bersetuju dengan idea-idea libertarian. Kita akan membawa perubahan… perubahan tidak boleh dielakkan.

Demi Malaysia!

Dear Comrades and friends.

I Dato Harimau, am launching a war of ideas against capitalism and the free market ideas. From December 1st 2008 till January 31st 2009, i declare the first wave of attack against libertarian ideas in Malaysia.  This war will be known as The Malaysian War of Ideas (MALWARIDAS). The objective of this war is to put to test the libertarian ideas and dig out all possible weaknesses. It is also aimed at destroying racial political polemic in Malaysia and to introduce idea based politics in Malaysia.

With that i am recruiting writers and bloggers all around Malaysia to join this cause. I hope all interested parties will contact me as soon as possible  at to arrange all strategy and tactical attacks of ideas. I will send you the further information necessary to accomplish this mission. I will also need graphic artist and information spreaders. Invitation is also open to all authors of Diskopi who are against capitalism and not keen of the free market. We will create the awareness… the change is inevitable.

For Malaysia.


15 Responses

  1. Wow,

    This is like a ‘cold war’ all over again!!

    Secular vs Secular = And guess who’ll win?


  2. Its a war of ideas.. and this is the first wave, and it is targeted against libertarian ideas. Perhaps the next wave would target other form of ideas, including socialist. The objective is not to bring down any ideas, but it is more towards educating the Malaysian people. So in my opinion the winners will finally be the Malaysian public.

  3. “propaganda”, “perang”, “serangan”, inalillahwainallialhirajiun…the Reds are back….

  4. well if you want to put it as such…but i dont consider Malwaridas to be reds.. anyway the capitalist were never gone… since it begun to this very moment, they have been causing social ills all over the world.

  5. Society’s course will be changed only by a change in ideas. First you must reach the intellectuals, the teachers and writers, with reasoned argument. It will be their influence on society which will prevail, and the politicians will follow. – Hayek….

    So you see im just inspired… ahahaha

  6. hayek is the ideologue of free market liberty man.. 🙂

  7. Yes i am very much aware of that. As i said i was just inspired to change the society. As it stands the society is corrupt with liberal ideas. Hayekś wise words doesnt necessarily stand for one particular philosophy. Just like how Buddha´s teaching cross religion and race. You get what i mean?

    oh by the way, free market liberty doesnt have to come with capitalism.

  8. I am certainly confused with ur definition of free market and capitalism, just to make it clearer and to avoid semantic debates, can u please define ur views on what “free market” and “capitalism” are?

  9. Ya, I agree with Wan Fadrul, the latest posting by Dato Harimau on “.. free market liberty doesn’t have to come with capitalism” certainly confused a lot of us.

  10. Please refer to the latest post titled Apa itu Pasaran Bebas for definition…

  11. I’m in…If they lay me down to rest,,tok please tell my mother I’ve done my best…

  12. MALWARIDAS…cam MAPHILINDO la pulak…haha

  13. Haha.. u rock la bro!!! will fill you in as soon as possible!

  14. menarik juga ni…wlupun aku x memegang mna2 fhman idea…

  15. kopisejuk u nak join tak?

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