Diskopi Update

Hello friends, this week i would like to mention thanks to Darkness for the accidential commentary article. I must say i am impressed with the way Darkness took care of the post without even exchanging a single word with me. Thanks! Oh and do consider writing more for us, if your interested maybe you could even become a permanent contributor. Not to forget our latest permanent contributor Hamidi Razak, thank you so much for joining us. For those who would like to contribute please feel free to contact me at diskopi@gmail.com.

The following is the hottest post for the past week.

Top Posts

Pakatan Rakyat Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin!, by Dato Harimau scored 2900 views.

Hayek Kuburkan Hujah Sosialis?!, by Harizs 2620 scored views.

Kebahagiaan Pasaran Bebas, by Dato Harimau scored 2330 views.

Most Active

Aku dan liberalisme, by Hamidi Razak scored 830 views.

Sosialisme Malaysia 2008: Jom Turun!, by myself scored 720 views.

Pencerahan, by Mesincetak scored 570 views.


One Response

  1. the transformation of diskopi from a small discussion group to a virtual discussion group is so exciting, geography is not a barrier anymore.. 🙂

    This is a good platform for students especially.

    I hope for the next few weeks, the discussion in diskopi will be on related current issue, and the nearest that i can see is pilihanraya kampus.. hope to hear from all on that issue..

    tq and chow.. 🙂

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