Diskopi Update.

ello semua! The following is the blogs updates which you guys might be interested in. Firstly i thank the contributors, and we are still looking for more contributions and also fellow authors to join Diskopi, if interested please contact me at diskopi@gmail.com . We have also started a poll which you can participate in at the bottom left, and the following is the listing of the hottest post for this week.

Top Posts

Pakatan Rakyat Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin!, 2690 views

Kebahagiaan Pasaran Bebas, 2120 views

Dajal Sudah Muncul!, 1540 views

Most Active

Hayek Kuburkan Hujah Sosialis?!, 1120 views

Falsafah disebalik Pesta Cahaya., 660 views

Al-Fatihah buat Shamsiah Fakeh., 560 views


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