Language Accomodation

Submitted by Nenek Harimau

Something in the world is just unbelievable but true. Everyday life could be an episode of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not it seems. When the usual way to improve is to never lower your standards, some people go the other way round. The improvement in language does not come in a blink of an eye. Language is something so beautiful that it seems to have a life of its own, evolving in accordance to social changes.

However, when the illiteracy rate around the world is gradually going down, there are still people who is trying to implement ideologies that would eventually promote the reverse. A universal language is subsequently scrapped from the nation’s education system, legal system and heading towards the social cycle. Allowing only the growth of a language, which is not even native, to cloak the other languages and various dialects with its shadows, uprooting the variety of languages and dialects in the local society, replacing them with a language the ruler adopted from a foreign land and claiming it his own, simply because there is no other language that he could master, nor is willing to master. Here is when many various minority languages and dialects are slaughtered, butchered and buried in cold blood. Here is when a change is made to accommodate illiteracy rather than to overcome it. Here is the indication that the nation is heading to a direction that would eventually make a colourful multicultural society into one of an empire painted in shades of grey.

When this foreign language is brought into this land rich with culture and variety, it became part of the society, adding cultural wealth to the land in which it is first introduced to apart from its birthplace. Excessive recognition took it a step further, nurturing a tamed into a wild. The wild, due to the lack of vocabulary needed to express simple expressions, started adopting a little here and there from other languages and dialect, those of a different genus and tried to fit it in and again, call it their own. Over half a century of injecting itself with random picks of vocabulary, the wild one mutated into a form of retarded sophistication, praised by the many who blindly follows, glorified by those who took part in nurturing the beast.

What a heartache to see a language so unique turn into one with a body of Malay, limbs of English, and some internal body parts of Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Tamil and the list goes on. It feels like a person who lost her soul due to the many plastic surgeries and internal overhauls. She might be pretty on the outside, but the essence of a language lies in its soul. Long gone is the pitiful battered soul, may it rest in peace.

9 Responses

  1. Tahniah kpd diskopi group di dalam mengutarakan pelbagai idea mahupun maklumat yang mempunyai value tersendiri. Aku sendiri bnyk belajr dari tulisan dan pandangan dari blog ni. Semoga satu hari nnt aku juga blh menyumbngkan idea di sini.

    Aku ada cadangan untuk admin, aku lihat sini ada bnyk article dari pelbagai aliran pemikiran ; sosialis,liberal,kapatilis,dan sebgainya.ini sst yang sngt baik dan harus diperingktkan untuk sama-sama kita menilai dan belajar.

    Cuma aku nmpk kurang pandangan dari perspective fundamental religion sight.aku rasa kalau admin blh cari sesiapa yg mempunyai ‘aliran’ pemikiran ini elok juga disumbat idea2 begitu dalam blog ni. Sbb aku rasa ramai juga yg memegang aliran sebegitu. Blh tarik visitors lagi ke blog ini.

  2. Ini macam hentam datuk harimau punye manglish jer. baguslah at least nenek lebih melindungi linguistik. tapi macam kate nenek “Long gone is the pitiful battered soul, may it rest in peace.”. Perang linguis perang yang sedang kalah, tetapi lawan tetap lawan, sehingga ke akhir titisan darah!.

  3. nenek harimau,

    aper paedahnyer untuk mempurekan bahaser? dalam ero globalisasi ni, ader ker bahaser yg pure? cuber bagi satu contoh bahaser yg pure yg takder campur aduk dgn bahser-bahaser lain?

    adakah dengan mempurekan bahaser manusia akan jadi lebih baik? adakah dengan mempurekan bahaser manusia tidak akan berperang antara satu sama lain? adakah dengan mempurekan bahaser kemiskinan akan dapat dikurangkan? adakah dengan mempurekan bahaser kebuluran di afrika dapat dihapuskan? adakah dengan mempurekan bahaser ketaksamaan antara manusia dapat diminimakan?

    jiwer bukan terletak pada bahaser tapi pader nilai-nilai baik yang diperkongsikan bersamer.

  4. Language is something so beautiful that it seems to have a life of its own, evolving in accordance to social changes. – Manglish is a result of that evolving process.

  5. when u use the term ‘language’, are u using it in its literal sense, or is there a hidden meaning that you’re trying to relay? im still figuring it out….

  6. deniel,

    apa kata kamu tulis, lepas tu hantar kat admin? bagus kalau boleh..

  7. Dear Tuju Malbaru,

    With all due respect, I’d concur with you that there is no pure language in this fast-paced world. I am not promoting a purification of language, nor suggested anything regarding poverty and etc. It is impossible to have a language that has not adopted in time, but a language that has adopted so many other foreign language deserves a name of its own, because it should be a kind of its own whilst the root of it should just be preserved as much as we can the way it was founded so as to not lose its identity due to the many changes.

    In simple words, branch it out if there were to be such massive changes in a language. I’d be proud to officially call it Manglish as what Jenifer Pillai suggested. When we have the power to modify and create something, why not have the liberty to give it a new name?

  8. Dear avant-garde,

    You can understand the post in any way you could and would. I didn’t write the post and intend it to be understood in just one fashion. Whichever way you interprete the post, you have my full respect.

  9. Dear Sheik Hafidz,

    I’m not waging war against Dato Harimau. Haha! In fact, I respect his point of view. His posts are an interesting read indeed. This post of mine is written long before the post Manglish is written. I’m in support of language preservation, but not against modification to suit the change of time. But if one were to pick some from here and there and patch it all up onto one, then it should have a name of its own…it is unfair for it to be overshadowed and misunderstood.

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