World of Miracles

Submitted by Nenek Harimau.

A miracle is an event believed to be caused by interposition of divine intervention by a supernatural being in the universe by which the ordinary operation of Nature is overruled, suspended, or modified. The term is derived from Latin word miraculum meaning ‘something wonderful’” (adaptation from Wikipedia). If one believes in miracles, then even something minute could be considered as a miracle. Its called a sense of appreciation. That is why going back in time, no matter hard you try to retrace the footsteps, a single microscopic difference would make a whole load of difference in the future.

I’m not going to go through the entire history of how people from different walks of life, and how different religion perceive miracles. The Internet has more than enough articles and reads to provide “miracles” on a daily basis. National Geographic does a great job at giving the public at large an ocean of knowledge through numerous articles, journals and abundance of amazing photographs, which are practically miracles that can actually be explained in a scientific way though human advances are not that great as to ascertain the accuracy of these explanations given. One of the most recent miracles reported in National Geographic would be the possibility of living the Harry Potter life – having the invisible cloak.

I was thinking about miracles when it suddenly crossed my mind about what sort of miracle have this country actually encountered. I recalled some incidents, both old and recent ones, and somehow related it to miracles…

I’m thoroughly fascinated about what a controlled media can actually do. A slow but aggressive movement to segregate a nation by skin colour had been swept under the carpet for approximately 3 decades and has only been a hot topic in recent years when the critically infected political tumour could barely be sedated any longer. Talk about miracles…

How is it that the leader of a nation could be puppeted by his former employer throughout his “reign” despite numerous counts of criticisms thrown at him by the one who handpicked him as his successor. Ownership and possession are two very distinct in nature and the distinction sits stealthily in the legal penumbra. The miracle is, both puppet and puppeteer, though known to possess entirely different political persona, coincidentally favours the same political play.

There are only a few nations which can provide a suitable breeding environment. The nation comes complete with stagnant authoritative power, warm political battle atmosphere, dark hidden loopholes in the legislation, clean medium to build up trustworthiness, and most importantly – ignorant people. There you go, Aedes. The miracle is, even when the nation is infested with it, nobody cares to voice up till recently. Maybe the previous people died of dengue and didn’t survive to tell the tale.

Where else could the media harp endlessly on the same issue for a length of almost half a year? Miracle – such devotion, such dedication, such loyalty, such high level of resistance towards boredom, such fear, such willingness to betray their conscience… and still survived to spread the news.

The biggest miracle would be none other than how anyone who gets affiliated with prominent political icons in a negative way vanishes… This is better than a magic show. The illusion most probably have an ever-lasting effect. *Poof*


3 Responses

  1. Nice approach… indeed its a “miracle” that could only happen in Bolehland!.

  2. this can only happen when the politicians think they’re god on earth…totally not divine intervention at all..

    more of perversion rather than miracle…

  3. Dear avant-garde,

    Glad that you get the sarcasm. 🙂

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