Manglish My Mother Tongue.

A few days ago, a good friend of mine raised the issue of language that tak merakyat. That got me thinking about the language i grew up with. I grew up speaking Malaysian English, the language which is close to my heart. The language that i cried in when my mak tibai’ed me with the rotan when i tiru in my exams when darjah satu time (i didnt say ouch you know, i say adui!). The language i learned everything with, honestly speaking it is my mother tongue. I feel most comfortable when somebody speaks Manglish with me.

My Typical Malaysian Calendar

My Typical Malaysian Calendar

Maybe pasal my mixed family background kut, or is it pasal i kow-kow Malaysian? I dunnolah, but all i know is that this language is my very own culture and i feel insulted when people say that i kasi rosak English or Malay when i speak Manglish. Kasi rosak, kasi rosak lah, this is the language i grew up in ok! Back those days when my dad ask “ei what you want to makan for breakfast?” i jawab either nasi lemak, roti canai, cha kui, mee goreng, bihun goreng, koe teow goreng, teh tarik or like that la. Mana ada things like “owh dad, i would like to have fried mee/pulled tea!!”.

Imaginelah.. i grew up speaking like this. Untill today i speak like this to my family and good friends. My father, my grandfather all also speak like this. Then tiba-tiba come about people who say that people like me kasi rosak english la, tak tau cakap Malay la. Hello maybe i memang not speaking English or Malay lah, im speaking my mother tongue. The Malaysian constitution gerenti us that we can speak/learn/teach our mother tongue kan? Well today i am going to be proud of my mother tongue and write in it! Lantak you people who go screaming about bad English lah, pencemaran bahasa lah, i just dont care because this is my constitutional right, and im going to pakai it.

My Typical Roti Canai

My Typical Roti Canai

I dont know about you peoplelah, i just hope you orang understand that this is my culture. Samalah like you people so mati-mati want to pertahankan your culture and language, i also feel the same way about my culture and language. Honestly speaking i dont feel the same about punjabi (dads mother tongue) or even tamil (moms mother tongue), mom and dad spoke Manglish to me and each other. Oh and dont you even think that i am weak in English or Malay! I am fluent in both! but i still suka pakai my Manglish! and this time i am going to be proud of it!

This is me, this is my mother tongue, i am proud to be a Malaysian. Infact i consider myself a nasionalist! So kalau you tak puas hati, lantak youlah, lu tak rak suka lu mia pasai! You people masing-masing wanna fight for the survival of your mother tongue, i also wan la ok! And YES! Malaysians like food!!! and i also like okeh?!. Oh by de way, i want to ask the readers, think my bahasa cukup merakyat or not? please do leave a komen ya?.


19 Responses

  1. WOW WOW WEE~ I’m so totally entertained ! Hahaha~ It’s really good. Honestly speaking as a Malaysian, I LOVED IT ! Keep up the good work Datuk Harimau~ Peace ^_^

  2. Kasi all picah kepala who pretend not to pakai Manglish! Very charming piece, Datuk Harimau ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Manglish — The building blocks for ONE MALAYSIA! – that’s what i think, LAH.

  4. woowwowow.. good one. feel so entertained

  5. i think ur manglish is so cool..
    n very entertaining..
    damn funny..
    i like it so much..^_^
    when r u going to post another article?
    rmb to write in manglish wor..
    hv a nice day..

  6. cun lah ur writing haha very thoughtful… cant believe u oso have tat calender haha..

  7. I can’t help it… I have to read it for the second time… It’s so good… Haha ^_^

  8. macha…thiz iz a good write up lahhh…i tell u after thiz i lagi bangga calling myself a true malaysian…lantak dia orang nak cakap kito nihhh rosak bahasa ker apa ker…tuh dia orang punyer hal la wehhhh…kito nihh patot banggo sebagai rakyot malaysiahhhhhh….

  9. You like food? Perhaps far less than I do. Eat to live or live to eat? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Manglish is a mother tongue to many fellow Malaysians, if thats how you define mother tongue. It’s what makes us stand out from the rest in our effort towards “one world, one language” – we made a globally recognized language uniquely ours. I’m a person who is all out for learning various languages and dialects, and I’d personally start with what my ancestors use to speak. To me, its not a notion for segregation, but more of embracing and appreciating history and memories.

    Manglish as a mother tongue is never a bad thing until and unless it tremendously affects the quality of the two main languages rojak-ed in it, more so written than spoken. Issues aside, this post is undoubtedly an entertaining one. Keep it up my love.

  10. haiyo~~why wanna care people say u rosakkan english o long as you like, then consider okey d..X need to care other 1…they juz bullshit only..

  11. hahaha yeah! salam kunjung! bahasa adalah hak kita! diaorang sibuk2 cuma nak jual bahasa jer! hahaha

  12. I think Manglish has become a dialect. Just like Scottish English, Taiwanese English (its obvious, trust me), and Hong Kongese English. So yea. Proud of the Manglish. I daresay it doesn’t ruin proper English grammar because its almost 3 languages at once and can almost classify as a language by itself.

  13. Hehe.. Thank you Yileen. Now i cabar the fellas who wanna complain. Mai mai mai… dun play-play. You see it even quali5 to be a language… and honestly i believe it will… perhaps long after i mati, but it will… i just know it.

  14. Terima kasih Hafiz, sememangnya bahasa itu hak rakyat, betul tu… kalau ikut kehendak kapitalis… semua pun dia nak jadikan komoditi.

  15. Wallah… I suka your unique culture. True Malaysian. I’m being tegured of my very Malaysian pronunciation when I speak English. How can we be pure Malaysian if must really sound like English. I wonder if the Arabs, Japanese or Indians experienced the same thing with their fellow rakyat . Yah! Who cares. We need more people like you. Bravo. Stay unique.

  16. WOW
    dude, u r a true malaysian wei !
    keep up the tradition.

    MANGLISH-the malaysian waylah

  17. actually is up to you either you nk guna bm or bi. as long as you tau bahasa standard tok dua2 bahasa tu ok la. sometimes i pon ckp campur. tp dlm perbualan santai je..anyway i suka your writing. next article please! hehe

  18. that’s what make malaysian malaysians! if not, we r not called as malaysian…

  19. i just wonder,why people always blamed us who speak manglish lorr.haiyo,there’s a lot more english dialect outside there.even US english is different than the UK itself where english come from.even they use different dialect,different spelling.aussie also not use the real UK english.

    haaa…i’ve been in Uk before.scotland for more accurate.scottish english is worse than us.i can’t even understand them.haha….

    btw,i think singlish is much more dahsyat lorr compared to manglish.speak like phua chu kang…(but sometimes i think singlish and manglish is just the same lorr).at least both use word -lah.

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