Its Mahathirism not Liberalism!!!

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak the deputy prime minister of Malaysia said that some of the younger generation today have “swallowed” so much Western liberal ideology that they have begun questioning the country’s policies and laws which they claim stifle freedom. (two years ago).

It is disappointing to hear views from someone of his stature which not only degrade but also ridicule the younger generation. His claim that the younger generation lacks an understanding and appreciation of the country’s history is very generalised.

We the younger generation did study history in our national schools, we the younger generation have been witnessing the leadership of a great nationalist for at least the past 20 years, we the younger generation have been an integral part of this nation ever since. (PRU13 and P44 proved it)

We know how fragile our nation is and we know the politics in this nation and we also know how far the mentality of our people can go. We are not products of the west! We are products of this sovereign land that we call Malaysia!. We are the generation shaped by Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad ( we might disagree with him today, but he is the reason why we can stand up for our rights, fearless that’s what we are… just like him).
It is a shame that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has credited the western liberal ideology for the state of mind of the younger generation of educated young Malaysians; for he cannot see that we are actually the product of a great outspoken nationalist.

I feel that Datuk Seri’s remark was not towards young Malaysians in general but instead was a direct hit towards the educated young Malaysians in professional fields as he indicated that they are “the ones questioning the country’s policies and laws which they claim stifle freedom”.

Only those who have studied the country’s policies, laws, and socioeconomics would dare raise such questions as the general crowd in Malaysia is very much afraid of the cabinet (no longer… ). We know the laws in this country and we are questioning the rationale of it in accordance with the stability that we have achieved.

Datuk Seri Najib somewhat has the wrong idea of these young minds as these young minds do not succumb to the western ideology of liberalism; instead, we are unique Malaysians who know what we are talking about. We are no longer kampong boys, to just sit in the coffee shop while people manipulate the laws to suppress freedom.

His claim that it is these laws and regulations which have ensured that the country remained prosperous and stable all this while, is very much true. But those laws were for an era of Malaysians who were tolerating each other; tolerance has a limit and nobody can tolerate forever ( P44 speaks for itself, we can no longer tolerate corruption).

That is why those laws are being questioned. We the younger generation of educated Malaysians are no longer using tolerance as a tool (thats old BN crap). Instead we are now understanding the differences between us, respecting each other, and accepting the differences and compromise towards building a better nation.

However that does not mean we are intolerant young Malaysians, we are much more tolerant then any westerners, we advocate what is right and just (P44 results proved it). We are peace loving Malaysians, and Tun was right when he said Malaysians are nonviolent people! (certainly we are peaceful people, no violence after 8th March, no violence after P44) We are Malaysians who protect the weak (comparing BN to Pakatan, we did protect the weak).

We are Malaysians who can rationally discuss our problems instead of pretending that we do not have a problem (well it looks like we have some problem here, but im sure it will change soon). This is what 49 (51) years of independence has engineered and to say that what we have been touting as freedom could cause chaos and misunderstanding is outdated.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak you are our leader and we more then respect you, we love you. (not so sure about that now) But to lash out at us in such a way, is very hurtful for all that we are striving for is a better Malaysia. We are not westernized outcasts, we are the unique product of a great leadership and perhaps as an experienced leader you could help us achieve our bona fide aim.

Come this 31st, we shall stand proud as Malaysians, not Malays, Chinese or Indians, but as Malaysians (thanks to Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim). We shall prove to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that the blood in our vein echoes with the unique Malaysian philosophies and not liberal western ideology, and even if we did swallow something alien, we all know where it will come out later.

We thank Datuk Seri for his criticism, and we shall reengineer our approach (i hope he likes our latest approach… i would like to thank Dato Nazri on his suggestion ‘ if your not happy with us, you take it to the ballot box’ … so we did)so that we do not seem to be post-Independence kids who do not realize that racial harmony today did not happen on its own. I assure you Datuk that we more then realize how it happened and how difficult it was, it is just that we have different ways of appreciating our country. Last but not least, I take this opportunity to wish all Malaysians “Selamat Menyambut Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan”.


2 Responses

  1. I, like the writers tormentor, am a product of the old school. On behalf of that vintage age, I apologize for the things said of him/her and other young educated Malaysians as a whole.

    Dato’s article begs a fresh look at how 49-ers assume what today’s youth is. How erroneous it is that people of that era still think that youth is wasted on the today’s young. The piece clears a fog in the minds of all those still trapped in the glory days of yore and who somehow, inexplicably, believe that only tired old men and women deserve the right to lay claim to be true Malaysians, ostensibly for the sacrifices they made.

    But that’s the past, and as the maxim goes, the past will bury itself with the dead. What I fear most for this country going forward is that we raise a crop of useful idiots who ultimately rise to leadership positions of governance. What I see today points to that direction. Young men with personal agendas clawing for attention and support in ways I deplore until it seems to me that all hope is lost.

    I am appalled when the future leaders of this country incite others to behave like barbarians on the streets, shouting at dignitaries of other countries to go home because they’re not welcomed here, and burning the flags of nations we dislike. If this is the future leadership from today’s crop of young educated Malaysians, then I say to the Diskopi gang never to let ignoramuses like these taint his or her group.

    I therefore urge Diskopi’s group of young educated Malaysians to rise up and correct the ways of those who speak for you and shame you all in the same breath. Find them where and when they’re not fit to lead, and install those who are. For sooner or later, the dinosaurs that condemn you will vanish, and that’s when you have to see to it that this country turns the corner right. And if you have dubious leaders in your midst, useful idiots as it were, I urge you as a group to take the lead instead, if you are what you claim to be in your article.

    Ultimately, this country is yours to inherit. But how you live is going to be your own doing. So do it right.

  2. I HATE READING THE NEWSPAPER NOWADAYS. I only and usually read the business section, entertainment section etc. All except front lines and all that have to do with the Malaysian politics as I have given up hope on our country, our democracy and our politics. Nowadays I only read overseas news as they are more accurate and more liberal. Our country, manage by our government and politics seems sure that they are not going to change for the sake of globalization. They are not only not mature but more importantly not educated enough to run the country in these competitive times of globalization where the fastest and smartest of runners are the winners of this competitive world.

    When ever friends or family takes up the newspaper and debates on the frontline that this idiot politicians brings about, it makes me puke, frustrated, lost. How is it possible that superimposing photo’s of politicians a crime. If so, I’m afraid that most of my friends are at fault as we are use to discussing this matter openly as we believe our self to be educated and these photos were just for fun. You can call me an idiot but I know I’m not a criminal if I decide to superimpose some politician’s photos. Actually I need not superimpose any photos as there are ample videos on the internet on our politicians acting stupid and being stupid. My friends and my brother that are in overseas are NEVER coming back to Malaysia as they’ve notice what idiots are running the country and they are sure that this will not change.

    Fellow friends, family, brothers of Malaysia, I hope that what I’ve written might bring us all Malaysians together for this difficult times. Times where we are no more colonize by foreigners but a rather new kind of foreigners, our Malaysian politics. It is now very clear, that our politicians including Najib are not fit to run the country. The biggest threat to our country is no more the foreigners that we believe but rather politicians or the government that that are not educated enough or at all to understand the world in terms of economics and change. I know I have so much to give to the country and I’m sure my friends and family will be ale to bring our country to new heights but unfortunately, we are constantly suppressed by our own government.

    I’m so irritated about the current news that Najib has stated that the government is all out on bogglers. This is only my second time writing out articles like this as I usually don’t do this. I’m fed up of sitting by the corner and doing nothing. I’M NOT AFRAID OF THE GOVERNMENT ANYMORE!!!! Come catch me or all the bogglers that have done no wrong…Yes….bring Malaysia back to the Stone Age where democracy and freedom of speech does not exist. Great, because I’M SURE I’M DOING THE RIGHT THING as 20 years from now I will have the guts to tell my sons and daughters that I did the right thing and that the Stone Age government of Malaysia only realizes it 20 years later.

    Do the right thing for our children and our future generations to come!!

    Stop these irrational and ridiculous politicians of ours in exchange for globalization, progress, productivity and a future in the future. (Not Stone Age)

    The power is in our hands and not these politicians. We have a choice to choose prosperity and progress. Think carefully and wisely. Thank You.

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